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Prague Papers on History of International Relations 1/2014

Idealistic View on the Reality ofRevolution: Helen Maria Williams (1762–1827) (Jana Borodáčová) Germany, China, and the Way to the Boxer Uprising (Jan Kočvar) Austria-Hungary and Egypt (1882–1914) (Michaela Mikešová) Great Britain and France on the Way to the Entente Cordiale (Marcela Šubrtová) Great Britain and the Great Powers Rivalry in North China at the Beginning of the 20th Century (Roman Kodet) Czechoslovak Companies in the Chinese Market between the World Wars (Škoda Works and Sellier &...

A Book of Fans

The National Gallery in Prague has in its collection a unique Japanese illustrated manuscript of ógi no sóshi, a genre of waka poems illustrated in fanshaped pictures, which blossomed from the late Muromachi to the early Edo period. Book of Fans, with 120 poems, is the largest such book extant in the world.