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Various out of the blue cd

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Urban Classics White Flat BavariaPack (Pack of 5 pcs.) raute/blue - 130 cm

With a visitor count of more than 6 million, it is anything but easy to attract attention at the Oktoberfest or as we say in Bavaria the “Wiesn”. A good clue for changing the odds to your favor is to just grab one pair of these special, Bavaria proven, shoelaces and stand out from the crowd. Choose between various laces with pretzels on them, traditional, checkered patterns or the most important Wiesn quotation that you simply must know. The eye-catching shoelaces are of course very Bavarian ev...

GAS Jade Jeans

GAS Jade jeans. Ladies ' skinny navy blue jeans with a clamped trim. The jeans are accented by the cut-out on the front of the thighs, light-coloured embroideration and scraping in various places. They have a higher waist and buttoned buttons. They are equipped with one small front pocket under the belt, two front pockets and two rear pockets, which are interestably decorated. The brand Logo is placed on the front small pocket, on the back pocket and on the back of the belt. Belt loops are a ma...