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V a world of the organ cd

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The Call of the Wild + CD (B1) - Jack London

When The Call of the Wild was published the first printing of 10,000 copies sold out immediately and it is still one the best known stories written by an American author. Buck, a happy, quiet dog living in sunny California, is kidnapped and sent north to begin a new hard life as a sled dog during the Klondike Gold Rush. Read about his adventures and the many problems he has to face in this new cruel world. Discover how he begins to change and how he responds to the Call of the Wild.Prvých 10 00...

Stevon - CD Remember

<p>Debutový, elektro-dynamický (EDM) album od Stevona, ktorý priniesol ideu rôznych príbehov, pohľadov a precítení. Zakomponovaných </p> <div>je v ňom viac ako 100 hudobných nástrojov a elektronických zvukov. Album obsahuje 4 featuringy od troch interpretov. </div> <div> - A world of diffierent notions, views, feelings. Imagination of the future. Impact of the past. Sound of the story: "REMEMBER"</div>

iHealth VIEW BP7s Smart Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor IH-BP7s

Measure your blood pressure in the comfort of your home or anywhere on the road with the iHealth VIEW BP7s compact wrist gauge. It also detects heart rate and warns you about possible arrhythmias. The readable LED display with backlight will show you the currently measured values and its own memory keeps last 120 measured values. The pressure gauge will activate automatically and will help you to find the optimal position for measuring. Inflating and deflating of the wrist is automatic as well....