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Unholy from the shadows

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Emerging from the Shadows - Colin Jacobson

187 fotografií od 41 domácich a zahraničných fotografov vo výbere a koncepcii britského obrazového redaktora, viacnásobného člena a predsedu poroty World Press Photo Colina Jacobsona.

náušnice ALCHEMY GOTHIC - Soul From The Shadows Earstuds - E380

pár náušníc (dva kusy) - vyrobené z anglického cínu / Pewter /, ozdobené Swarovski kryštálmi. Značka ALCHEMY GOTHIC Náušnice sú uchytené k uchu apomocí klasickej "tyčinky" a silikónové koncovky. Rozmery náušnice cca .: 4,5 x 1,2cm.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes IV (EN)

Four more stories from the master detective. The mystery of the missing suitor is solved and Sherlock Holmes raises his whip... an Indian past stands in the shadows of a Colonel’s death... serious affairs of state and international diplomacy are threatenedby a theft... and surely evil intent lies behind threats in a hidden house. The cool observations and swift action of Mr Sherlock Homes resolves all.


Crumbling ruins, undead fiends, dark alleys and forests teeming with horrors seen and unseen: the tendrils of the Gothic have crept out of the architecture of churches, mosques and grand houses and into suburban malls, overcrowded cities, the deserted corners of the world and beyond, taking the shape of monsters from Beowulf to Gojira, Cthulhu or the wendigo to our own terrifying, warped reflections. Across time, form and media, this book traces the weaving path of the Gothic from the shadows o...

A Midsummer Night's Dream (EN)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream must be one of the most enduringly popular of Shakespeare’s plays, and it is not difficult to see why: the work blends several kinds of comedy with a powerful atmosphere of magic and mystery and a satisfying set of contrasts – between city and country, reason and imagination, love and infatuation. Play: Music and opening announcement 1:21 Act 1 Scene 1 6:20 Act 1 Scene 1: LYSANDER How now my love, why is your cheek so pale? 5:11 Act 1 Scene 1: HELENA How happy some o’e...