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Tony joe white black and white

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T-JOE-AC MAGLIETTA tee. Men's short-sleeve Diesel t-shirt. The T-shirt is black and white and has a large print on the front. Material: 100% Cotton


T-JOE-AR MAGLIETTA tee. A stylish black-and-white cotton shirt that ensures a feeling of comfort throughout the day must not be missed in a man's wardrobe. The classic-style T-shirt has a round neckline and short sleeves. The front side is adorned with the logo of the Diesel brand, sleeves decorate stripes in a combination of colors red and white. Material: 100% Cotton

Tshirt Diesel T-Joe-Ra Maglietta

T-Joe-Ra Maglietta Diesel tee. Men's black cotton t-shirt Diesel. The T-shirt is a classic cut, decorated with white stitching, a rounded neckline, short sleeves and a print on the chest. Material: 100% Cotton

Tshirt Diesel T-Joe-Hb Maglietta

T-Joe-Hb Maglietta tee. Men's white Diesel T-shirt with a stylish black print on the chest. Top with short sleeves and a rounded neckline. The brand logo is located at the back of the neck. Thanks to the material used it is very convenient and so it fits any occasion. Material: 100% Cotton