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Today is the day in the eyes of god

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The Man with the Compound Eyes

'You must love the land, my children, and ring it in with your love' On the island of Wayo Wayo, every second son must leave on the day he turns fifteen as a sacrifice to the Sea God. Atile'i however is determined to defy destiny and become the first to survive.

Tamla Stevie Wonder – Songs In The Key Of Life

Parametre a špecifikácia: Vydavateľstvo: Tamla Rok vydania: 2017 Rok nahrávky: 1976 Hmotnosť: 180 g Rýchlosť: 33 1/3 RPM Balenie obsahuje: 2x 12" + 1x 7" LP Tracklist: A1 Love's In Need Of Love Today 7:05 A2 Have A Talk With God 2:42 A3 Village Ghetto Land 3:25 A4 Contusion 3:45 A5 Sir Duke 3:52 B1 I Wish 4:12 B2 Knocks Me Off My Feet 3:35 B3 Pastime Paradise 3:20 B4 Summer Soft 4:16 B5 Ordinary Pain 6:22 C1 Isn't She Lovely 6:33 C2 Joy Inside My Tears 6:29 C3 Black ...