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This is mo cd

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He is coming soon - Sergej Miháľ

Christ’s second coming will have two phases. The first will be when He descends upon the clouds to take all who love Him to heaven. The second will take place when He comes down to earth, on the Mount of Olives, to rule the world. The first will have no witnesses; the second will be witnessed by all. The first phase is called the rapture. So, what is the rapture? It is an event during which Christ will take all devoted Christians to the heavenly dwellings - just as He promised. This is a book ...

The Call of the Wild + CD (B1) - Jack London

When The Call of the Wild was published the first printing of 10,000 copies sold out immediately and it is still one the best known stories written by an American author. Buck, a happy, quiet dog living in sunny California, is kidnapped and sent north to begin a new hard life as a sled dog during the Klondike Gold Rush. Read about his adventures and the many problems he has to face in this new cruel world. Discover how he begins to change and how he responds to the Call of the Wild.Prvých 10 00...

Mister Tee Mobamba Tee white - XS

This tee puts the most memorable part of Sheck Wes Mo Bamba song in a nutshell. It is a shirt for everything but soft and gentle tones and strives instead to raise your level of respect in the neighborhood and among your homies. Of course, it is always up for a proper laugh, too! Farba: white Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 100% Baumwolle, Single Jersey, 180 GSM

Mister Tee Caaalling Tee black - L

This neat tee in comic style hints at Shek Wes's infamous song Mo Bamba and the humorous line "I got hoes calling", with which Shek made a name for himself, even beyond the rap community. It is the perfect shirt for balmy summer evenings and fat beats. Farba: black Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 100% Baumwolle, Single Jersey, 180 GSM

Najkrajšie vianočné pesničky 3CD box - Kolektív autorov

CD 1 – POP 1. Tichá noc 2. Vianočný čas 3. Krása Vianoc 4. Znie nebies chór 5. Biely zvon 6. Cez zasnežené pláne 7. Dedo Mráz už prišiel k nám 8. List Dedovi Mrázovi 9. Sen vianočný, sen zázračný 10. Nech nik nie je sám 11. Vianočná krása 12. Čarokrásna noc 13. Na Nový rok 14. Šťastný Nový rokCD 2 – KOLEDY 1. Tichá noc 2. Nesem Vám noviny 3. Dnešný deň sa radujme 4. Poslouchejte křesťané 5. Dobrá novina 6. Narodil sa Kristus pán 7. Půjdem spolu do Betléma 8. Radujme sa, my všetci 9. Čas radost...