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The way we live in the city

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The Practice of Not Thinking

What if we could learn to look instead of see, listen instead of hear, feel instead of touch? Former monk and bestselling author Ryunosuke Koike shows how, by incorporating simple Zen practices into our daily lives, we can reconnect with our five senses and live in a more peaceful, positive way.

Feminist City

Feminist City is an ongoing experiment in living differently, living better, and living more justly in an urban world. We live in the city of men.

The Social Animal. A Story of How Success Happens

#1 "NEW YORK TIMES "BESTSELLER With unequaled insight and brio, "New York Times" columnist David Brooks has long explored and explained the way we live. Now Brooks turns to the building blocks of human flourishing in a multilayered, profoundly illuminating work grounded in everyday life.

Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment - Daniel Kahneman

Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment - Daniel Kahneman, Vydavateľ: HarperCollins, Väzba: Paperback, Počet strán: 464, Rok vydania: 2022 From the world-leaders in strategic thinking and the multi-million copy bestselling authors of Thinking Fast and Slow and Nudge, the next big book to change the way you think.Imagine that two doctors in the same city give different diagnoses to identical patients - or that two judges in the same court give different sentences to people who have committed matching cr...

Beroun - Deset zastavení na procházce královským městem / Ten destinations on a walk through the royal town / Zehn Orte des Verweilens bei einem Bumme

Nová reprezentativní fotografická publikace o současném Berouně vychází při příležitosti oslav 750. výročí první písemné zmínky o městě. Autory fotografií jsou berounští tvůrci Vladimír Kasl, Jiří Semrád a Zdeněk Zůna, autorem doprovodných textů je berounský básník a textař Jan Velíšek. Ten ve svém úvodním slově mimo jiné uvádí: „Milí čtenáři, dostáváte do ruky knihu o Berouně, městě, které v roce 2015 slaví 750 let písemně doložené existence. Na město to není nijak kritický věk; známe i starší...

Mrs Dalloway

Audiokniha MP3 Mrs Dalloway:Audiokniha Mrs Dalloway namluvená rodilým mluvčím. Jazyková úroveň C1 pro velmi pokročilé posluchače. London 1923. The First World War has been over for five years, but the effects are still being felt all round the metropolis. A ocialite and politician’s wife prepares for one of her famous parties while somewhere else in the city an old friend contemplates the pain of past and present love, a war veteran struggles with his inner demons, and other characters live ...

Larcenists and Lambs

Elektronická kniha Larcenists and Lambs: A thriller from the realms of high finance, based on events that are all-too-true… Immediately after publication in the Czech Republic, the book became a bestseller. In 2015 it won the Reader’s Award for Best Book in the prestigious Czech literary competition, the Magnesia Litera.What at first glance appears to be a run-of-the-mill madcap adventure story very quickly becomes a fundamental statement about the state of today’s financial world. What firs...

A Midsummer Night's Dream (EN)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream must be one of the most enduringly popular of Shakespeare’s plays, and it is not difficult to see why: the work blends several kinds of comedy with a powerful atmosphere of magic and mystery and a satisfying set of contrasts – between city and country, reason and imagination, love and infatuation. Play: Music and opening announcement 1:21 Act 1 Scene 1 6:20 Act 1 Scene 1: LYSANDER How now my love, why is your cheek so pale? 5:11 Act 1 Scene 1: HELENA How happy some o’e...