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The story of prague castle

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Príbeh hradu Bratislava / The Story of the Castle in Bratislava

História Bratislavského hradu a fotografický sprievodcajeho zákutiami.

The Castle

The Castle is the story of K., the unwanted Land Surveyor who is never to be admitted to the Castle nor accepted in the village, and yet cannot go home. As he encounters dualities of certainty and doubt, hope and fear, and reason and nonsense, K.'s struggles in the absurd, labyrinthine world where he finds himself seem to reveal an inexplicable truth about the nature of existence.

Príbeh hradu Bratislava/ The Story of the Castle in Bratislava - Adela Markovich, Jana Hutťanová

Pútavá publikácia pre čitateľa každej vekovej kategórie, je napísaná zrozumiteľne, plná krásnych fotografií, strašidelných príbehov a povestí. Dejiny Bratislavského hradu sú v nej podané netradičnou formou.Prezentuje národnú kultúrnu pamiatku Bratislavský hrad ako významnú súčasť kultúrno-historického dedičstva Slovenska.Čitateľ sa nenútene dozvedá základné historické fakty, ale aj príbehy o ľuďoch, ktorí v hrade žili, milovali sa, nenávideli, zomreli. Texty dopĺňa viac ako 100 fotografií rôzny...

Olbram Zoubek. Prague Castle Riding School 29.11.2013 - 2.3.2014

The catalogue accompanying the retrospective exhibition of the sculptor Olbram Zoubek (born 1926) at the Prague Castle Riding School features three key texts – the first is Zoubek’s own look back on his life and the other two are by his close friends, the sculptor Zdeněk Palcr and the classical philologist Eva Stehlíková. They deal with key themes of Zoubek’s work, namely plasticity and his relationship to Greek antiquity.

Castle and Cathedral in Modern Prague: Longing for the Sacred in a Skeptical Age - Bruce R. Berglund

Prague in the early twentieth century was the city of cubists, surrealists, and the Good Soldier vejk. This book takes a new approach to interwar Prague by identifying religion as an integral part of the city s cultural history. As Prague emerged as a modern city and the Czech nation gained independence, Catholics, Protestants, and those who imagined a non-sectarian religion debated questions of faith and morality. Contrary to the conventional view of modern Czech elites as atheistic, Berglund ...

This is Prague

Is Prague still beautiful, amazing and fascinating? Or has it been trampled under the feet of millions of tourists, who hurryover its paving-stones from Prague Castle, across the Charles Bridge, to the Old Town Square and back again?

Prague Towers (anglicky) - Kolektív

Prague, a bouquet of stone Towers, has been since a thousand years the most important city in the Czech lands. The architecture of this city vibrantly reminds us of its glorious past. A look at this silhouette of towers ending in a golden bulb will entice and delight us. The first part of the book takes us along the thousand and one step path and a magical pursuit of the dragon lady who is following the sun path. In the second part we will be taken on a virtual walk above the town where we wil...

Goulash - Brian Kimberling

From Brian Kimberling, the acclaimed author of SNAPPER, comes a pitch perfect story of falling in and out of love in Prague. Eager to escape stifling small-town Indiana, Elliott moves to Prague, where he gets a job teaching English. It's 1998, and the Czech Republic is moving with increasing rapidity out of the shadow of communism and into the wilds of twenty-first-century capitalism. Elliott meets his students in a variety of pubs and conducts his lessons over pints of local Radegast beer. He ...