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The principles of project management

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Infectious Diseases

Principles in the diagnosis of infection, management and prevention of infectious diseases andother information about infectious diseases.

Beyond Design

The time has come in which graphic designers are playing an important role in rendering ever more complicated information transparent and understandable for a wider audience. To stress this urgency, Renate Boere dove headfirst in the world of project management lingo, confidentiality statements, copyright, complicated contracts, the search for stakeholders, and grant applications.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, FQC-02460 digital certificate

Agile and attractive system with the returned Start menu Windows 8.1 operating system is based on the successful version of Windows 8, but in addition adds another major innovations that make your work and play more comfortable. One of the main reasons for buying a Windows 8.1 is its speed, intuitiveness and clarity on desktops and tablets. Due to lower hardware requirements than its predecessors has Windows 8.1 better stability and speed, as well as safety. The Professional Edition is designed...

Anag Léčivé já – Deepak Chopra, M.D., Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D.

Liečivé ja - Revolučná plán, ako nabiť imunitu a zostať celý život z...