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The life love of trees

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Trees of Life

A captivatingly informative and visually beautiful survey of the tree species - from all over the world - that human cultures have found most useful. Each tree species is the subject of a concise text centred on a story - or stories - about the tree in question, and is depicted by means of a photograph, painting or other aesthetic artefact.

The Half Life of Valery K - Natasha Pulley

The Half Life of Valery K - Natasha Pulley, Vydavateľ: Bloomsbury Publishing, Väzba: Paperback, Počet strán: 384, Rok vydania: 2022 The truth must come out.In 1963, in a Siberian gulag, former nuclear specialist Valery Kolkhanov has mastered what it takes to survive: the right connections to the guards for access to food and cigarettes, the right pair of warm boots to avoid frostbite, and the right attitude toward the small pleasures of life. But on one ordinary day, all that changes: Valery's ...

Tamla Stevie Wonder – Songs In The Key Of Life

Parametre a špecifikácia: Vydavateľstvo: Tamla Rok vydania: 2017 Rok nahrávky: 1976 Hmotnosť: 180 g Rýchlosť: 33 1/3 RPM Balenie obsahuje: 2x 12" + 1x 7" LP Tracklist: A1 Love's In Need Of Love Today 7:05 A2 Have A Talk With God 2:42 A3 Village Ghetto Land 3:25 A4 Contusion 3:45 A5 Sir Duke 3:52 B1 I Wish 4:12 B2 Knocks Me Off My Feet 3:35 B3 Pastime Paradise 3:20 B4 Summer Soft 4:16 B5 Ordinary Pain 6:22 C1 Isn't She Lovely 6:33 C2 Joy Inside My Tears 6:29 C3 Black ...

The Architecture of Happiness

THE NUMBER ONE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER. From one of our greatest voices in modern philosophy, author of The Course of Love, The Consolations of Philosophy and The School of Life, The Architecture of Happiness explores the fascinating hidden links between the buildings we live in and our long-term wellbeing.

The Sirens of Mars

As a new wave of interplanetary exploration launches in summer 2020, a talented young planetary scientist charts our centuries-old obsession with Mars. 'Beautifully written, emotive - a love letter to a planet' DERMOT O'LEARY, BBC Radio 2 Mars - bewilderingly empty, coated in red dust - is an unlikely place to pin our hopes of finding life elsewhere.

The Worrier's Guide to Life

If you're floundering in life, striking out in love, struggling to pay the rent, and worried about it all -- you're in luck! World Champion Worrier and Expert Insomniac Gemma Correll is here to assure you that it could be much, much worse. In her hugely popular comic drawings, Gemma Correll dispenses dubious advice and unreliable information on life as she sees it, including The Dystopian Zodiac, Reward Stickers for Grown-Ups, Palm Reading for Millennials, and a Map of the Introvert's Heart.

The Imitation of Christ (EN)

First published in 1471, the year of the author’s death, The Imitation of Christ is a highly influential Christian text. A celebration of God’s mercy, holiness and love, The Imitation is a devotional guide in which Christians are urged to trust fully in God and submit to the circumstances of the life which we are given by God.

The Love I Have Lost - Alica Frühwaldová

The Love I Have Lost - Alica Frühwaldová, Vydavateľ: PRO, Väzba: Knihy viazané, Rok vydania: 2022, Počet strán: 184 This is a story of a family affected by the atrocities of war. But also a story about the belonging, bravery and courage of ordinary people who selflessly help others in hard times. Despite depicting the frenzy of war, the message of the book is positiv, with images of life before and after the war filled with love and compassion. The book is enriched with many photographs and do...

The Tattooist of Auschwitz - Heather Morris

For readers of Schindler's List, The Man Who Broke into Auschwitz and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas comes a heart-breaking story of the very best of humanity in the very worst of circumstances. I tattooed a number on her arm. She tattooed her name on my heart. In 1942, Lale Sokolov arrived in Auschwitz-Birkenau. He was given the job of tattooing the prisoners marked for survival - scratching numbers into his fellow victims' arms in indelible ink to create what would become one of the most pote...

The Weather Detective

Bestselling author of The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben, invites you to reconnect with nature As soon as we step out of the door, nature surrounds. Thousands of small and large processes are taking place, details that are long often fascinating and beautiful.

Available : A Very Honest Account of Life After Divorce - Laura Friedman Williams

Available : A Very Honest Account of Life After Divorce - Laura Friedman Williams, Vydavateľ: HarperCollins, Väzba: Paperback, Počet strán: 432, Rok vydania: 2022 When her 22-year-marriage suddenly ended, 47-year-old mother of three Laura expected life as she knew it to be over. What she hadn't expected: * An incredible one-night stand * A new-found sexual appetite * Ten men in eight months * That there is plenty of fun to be had after 40 From G-spots to bald spots, dirty talk to dating fiascos...

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse: The Animated Story - Charlie Mackesy

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse: The Animated Story - Charlie Mackesy, Vydavateľ:Ebury Press, Väzba: tvrdá, Počet strán: 192, Jazyk: anglický, Rok vydania: 2022 A journey, in search of homeCharlie Mackesy's beloved The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse has been adapted into an animated short film, coming to BBC One and iPlayer this Christmas. This beautifully made hardback celebrates the work of over 100 animators across two years of production - with Charlie's distinctive illustrat...

The Odd Women (EN)

‘What is more vulgar than the ideal of novelists? In real life, how many men and women fall in love?’ So says Rhoda Nunn, George Gissing’s formidable heroine.

Lost in Time:Circles of Time / Warriors of Swastika

Elektronická kniha Lost in Time:Circles of Time / Warriors of Swastika:Breath-taking action sci-fi about a man of 20th century, lost in a cruel past where fighting for his life and trying to uncover the mystery of the Time Gate. All his knowledge about the modern science and technology becomes useless while he has to face to local cruel life. His basic instincts and firm friendship that he found unexpectedly is only valid value. When he has finally found how to survive, found true love and s...

The Exchange

Elektronická kniha The Exchange:Vivian, a petite translator, always managed her life with cold logic and spent her time between jobs taking care of her only living relative, her beloved Grandmother. Facing the seemingly insolvable problem of having to pay for this lovely woman’s operation in a private clinic, she reached a desperate and repugnant solution –agreeing to the offer of her current client, Matteo. Bargaining her debt, the rich and handsome Italian is willing to pay whatever she as...

If Cats Disappeared From The World

A beautifully moving tale of loss and reaching out to the ones we love, of one man’s journey to discover what really matters in modern life. Our narrator’s days are numbered.

Old Babes in the Wood

Atwood's first new fiction publication since The Testaments, this deeply personal collection includes a stunning sequence that follows a married couple as they travel the road together, the moments big and small that make up a long life of love -- and what comes after The stories explore the full warp and weft of experience, from two best friends disagreeing about their shared past, to the right way to stop someone from choking; from a daughter determining if her mother really is a witch, to w...

If Cats Disappeared From The World - Genki Kawamura

If Cats Disappeared From The World - Genki Kawamura, Vydavateľ:Pan Macmillan, Väzba: Paperback / softback, Počet strán: 144, Jazyk: anglický, Rok vydania: 2018 A beautifully moving tale of loss and reaching out to the ones we love, of one man's journey to discover what really matters in modern life. Our narrator's days are numbered. Estranged from his family, living alone with only his cat Cabbage for company, he was unprepared for the doctor's diagnosis that he has only months to live.But befo...

The Wedding Crasher - Mia Sosa

The Wedding Crasher - Mia Sosa, Vydavateľ: HarperCollins, Väzba: Paperback, Počet strán: 400, Rok vydania: 2022 Just weeks away from ditching DC for greener pastures, Solange Pereira is roped into helping her wedding planner cousin on a random couple's big day. It's an easy gig... until Solange stumbles upon a situation that convinces her the pair isn't meant to be. What's a true-blue romantic to do? Crash the wedding, of course. And ensure the unsuspecting groom doesn't make the biggest mistak...

Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark - William Shakespeare

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare, Hamlet After Hamlet sees his father’s ghost, he begins to act in a strange way. He now knows the terrible secret of his father’s death and must decide what to do. Many people think he’s become mad? Is it true? Will he do what his father’s ghost asks? And what about love? Will he lose Ophelia’s love for him? Read the play and see how Hamlet’s life changes and how it changes the lives of the people around him....

The Canterbury Tales + CD ( A1) - Geoffrey Chaucer

Step back in time to experience the adventures of a group of people to Canterbury in this stunning reconstruction of 14th Century England. In 1387, a group of people went to Canterbury. On their way, they told stories. The stories were exciting and interesting. They helped the group to enjoy their time travelling. But these stories do not only tell us about the past. They are stories that anybody can read and enjoy today. And they are stories that can teach us many things, about love, about fri...

Universal Music Natalie Cole – Unforgettable With Love

Parametre a špecifikácia: Vydavateľstvo: Universal Music Rok vydania: 2022 Rok nahrávky: 1991 Hmotnosť: 180 g Rýchlosť: 33 1/3 RPM Balenie obsahuje: 2 LP Tracklist: A1 The Very Thought Of You 4:15 A2 Paper Moon 3:24 A3 Route 66 3:00 A4 Mona Lisa 3:45 A5 L-O-V-E 2:32 A6 This Can't Be Love 2:13 B1 Smile 3:37 B2 Lush Life 4:20 B3 That Sunday That Summer 3:31 B4 Orange Colored Sky 2:26 A Medley Of: For Sentimental Reasons, Tenderly & Autumn Leaves (7:26): B5a For Sentimental...

Lonely Castle in the Mirror - Mizuki Tsujimura

Lonely Castle in the Mirror - Mizuki Tsujimura, Vydavateľ:Penguin, Väzba: mäkká, Počet strán: 368, Jazyk: anglický, Rok vydania: 2022 For fans of BEFORE THE COFFEE GETS COLD, fairy tale and magic are weaved together in sparse language that belies a flooring emotional punch. 'Strange and beautiful. Imagine the offspring of The Wind-up Bird Chronicle with The Virgin Suicides' GUARDIANTranslated by Philip Gabriel, a translator of Murakami_______________________________How can you save your friend'...

I Wish I Knew This Earlier : Lessons on Love - Toni Tone

I Wish I Knew This Earlier : Lessons on Love - Toni Tone, Vydavateľ: HarperCollins, Väzba: Paperback, Rok vydania: 2022, Počet strán: 160 We've all been on promising dates that left us feeling worse in the long run, suffered from breakups we might have mishandled, or stayed in relationships which should have worked but didn't. So what are we missing?Don't panic! Toni Tone is here to give the big sister advice we all need: discovering what we want from a connection, flourishing through heartbrea...

Urban Classics MIA NICE Snapback Cap black/mc - One Size

Let summer take its designated place and enjoy the bright side of life! The "Mia Nice" cap centers on a round patch at the front, which shows a man and his accessories in front of palm trees and a sunset. The cap presents itself in classic black and comes with a straight, quilted visor with a logo print on the underside. It is made of acrylic and polyester and offers a black colored snapback closure on the back for individual size adjustment. Farba: black/mc Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 100...


A beautiful gift for the intrepid explorer in your life by one of the most acclaimed and beloved nature writers working today, the internationally bestselling, prize-winning author of Landmarks, The Lost Words and The Old Ways A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER WINNER OF THE WAINWRIGHT PRIZE 2019 WINNER OF THE STANFORD DOLMAN TRAVEL BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD 2020 'You'd be crazy not to read this book' The Sunday Times A Guardian Best Book of the 21st Century In Underland, Robert Macfarlane takes us on a jo...

Urban Classics K?ln City Slides blk/wht - 37

Show your love for the boisterous urban life of the famous city of Cologne and slip into these stylish pair of city slides! The comfortable street slippers, made of solid rubber, are fully fit for the city and a treat for the feet. Whether you like to roam the underground district of Chorweiler or want to enjoy the upper life in the Belgian Quarter, these “Schlappos Originals” slides cut a good figure on any surface and let everyone know for which German city your heart beats. Farba: blk/wht Zl...

To Paradise

The No.1 Sunday Times bestseller from the author of A LITTLE LIFE To Paradise is a bold, brilliant novel spanning three centuries and three different versions of the elusive idea of utopia; driven by Yanagihara's understanding of our desire to protect those we love - partners, lovers, children, friends, family and even our fellow citizens - and the pain that ensues when we cannot.

Black Peter (Černý Petr) - DVD

Presented from a brand new 4K restoration of the film, Second Run presents the stunning debut feature film of the late, great Czech filmmaker Miloš Forman (A Blonde in Love, The Fireman’s Ball, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Amadeus). A wry and provocative comedy set in 1960s Czechoslovakia, Black Peter explores the passions and confusions of teenage life.

One Fun Day with Lewis Carroll

The wordsmith Lewis Carroll is famed for the freewheeling world of Wonderland in his beloved classics Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. In this gloriously illustrated picture book, Carroll's childlike love of life is showcased alongside his brilliance at creating and adapting playful words and phrases.

Braised Pork

*A STYLIST BEST BOOK OF 2020* One autumn morning after breakfast, when she finds her husband dead in the bathtub, Jia Jia's life changes in ways she could never have imagined... 'So elegant and poised, so tuned to the great mysteries of love and loss.

Jane Eyre (EN)

Jane Eyre accepts a position as governess at Thornfield Hall and meets Mr. Rochester, the moody and cynical master of the manor. Growing up an unwanted orphan, Jane has known very little love in her life, but in spite of this, she has always been thoughtful and kind.

What Are You Going Through

An unexpectedly life-affirming novel about choosing to die, by National Book Award winner and bestselling author of THE FRIEND 'Love, death, friendship, compassion & SO MUCH wisdom. I just adore Sigrid Nunez' PAULA HAWKINS A woman visits a friend who is dying of cancer.

Dubliners (EN)

Audiokniha má obtížnost četby B2 An ambitious mother, a boy in love, a lonely older man, a cynical intellectual and a girl who dreams of a life in another country are just a few of Joyce’s Dubliners. In these realistic tales, Joyce reveals the hopes, fearsand disappointments of his characters.

A Lover's Discourse

'It is hard not to be impressed by Guo's vivacious talent' Sunday Times A story of desire, love and language - and the meaning of home - told through conversations between two lovers A Chinese woman comes to London to start a new life, away from her old world. She knew she would be lonely, adrift in the city, but will her new relationship bring her closer to this land she has chosen, will their love give her a home?

Wuthering Heights

Audiokniha MP3 Wuthering Heights:Audiokniha The Call of the Wild namluvená rodilým mluvčím. Jazyková úroveň B2 pro středně pokročilé posluchače. Cathy’s life is changed forever when her father brings home an abandoned child he names Heathcliff. As Cathy and Heathcliff grow up, their love for each other is as wild as the moors. But, can love overcome jealousy? Can forgiveness enter hearts filled with pain and suffering?


Audiokniha MP3 Dubliners:Audiokniha Dubliners namluvená rodilým mluvčím. Jazyková úroveň B2 pro pokročilé posluchače. An ambitious mother, a boy in love, a lonely older man, a cynical intellectual and a girl who dreams of a life in another country are just a few of Joyce’s Dubliners. In these realistic tales, Joyce reveals the hopes, fears and disappointments of his characters. He also shows us turnof- the-century Dublin in fascinating detail. This selection of eight stories from Dubliners i...

Women Don't Owe You Pretty

'THE BEAUTY MYTH' FOR THE INSTAGRAM GENERATION 'Rallying, radical and pitched perfectly for her generation.' - Evening Standard Women Don't Owe You Pretty is the ultimate book for anyone who wants to challenge the out-dated narratives supplied to us by the patriarchy. Through Florence's story you will learn how to protect your energy, discover that you are the love of your own life, and realise that today is a wonderful day to dump them.


A gorgeous, tender modern classic about the complexities of love, with an introduction from the Booker-winning author John Banville Stefan Valeriu, a young Romanian student, holidays alone in the Alps, where he soon becomes entangled in romantic relationships with three different women who pass through his guesthouse. We follow Stefan after his return to Paris as he reflects on the women in his life, at times playing the lover, and at others observing shrewdly from the periphery.

Ottolenghi Test Kitchen

Led by Yotam Ottolenghi and Noor Murad, the revered team of chefs at the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen gives everyday home cooks the accessible yet innovative Middle Eastern-inspired recipes they need to put dinner on the table with less stress and less fuss in a convenient, flexibound package. With fit-for-real-life chapters like “The Freezer Is Your Friend,” “That One Shelf in the Back of Your Pantry,” and “Who Does the Dishes?” (a.k.a. One-Pot Meals), Shelf Love teaches readers how to flex with fe...