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The illustrated story of art

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The Story of Art

The Story of Art, one of the most famous and popular books on art ever written, has been a world bestseller for over four decades. Attracted by the simplicity and clarity of his writing, readers of all ages and backgrounds have found in Professor Gombrich a true master, and one who combines knowledge and wisdom with a unique gift for communicating his deep love of the subject.

The Illustrated Dust Jacket 1920-1970

The middle decades of the twentieth century saw an extraordinary flourishing of the illustrated, pictorial dust jacket. From the 1920s, as the potential for the book's protective wrapping to be used for promotion and enticement became clear, artists and illustrators on both sides of the Atlantic applied their talents to this particular art form. Rising to the wide-ranging challenges posed by format and subject matter, leading artists and illustrators, including John Piper, Edward Bawden and Joh...

Art of the Baltic States

A lavishly illustrated reference on a little-known chapter in art history - the art of the three Baltic States, covering a wide range of mediums, movements and styles. The Baltic States - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - retain strong cultural identities that have survived despite centuries of colonization by powerful neighbouring lands.

The True Story of a Mouse who Never Asked for It

"In this gloriously unruly feminist fable, The True Story of a Mouse Who Never Asked for It explores the power of art-making, the tedium of the domestic, and the dangers of heteronormativity, all within beautiful pictures and tender words. I was enchanted by the pairing of graphic illustration and tight prose on every page.

The Gallery of Miracles and Madness

'A riveting tale, brilliantly told' Philippe Sands The little-known story of Hitler's war on modern art and the mentally ill.

Our Story

A graphic memoir like no other: the true story of a marriage in China that spanned the twentieth century, told in vibrant, original paintings and prose. WINNER OF AN ENGLISH PEN AWARD Rao Pingru was a twenty-six-year-old soldier when he first saw the beautiful Mao Meitang. One glimpse of her through a window as she put on lipstick was enough to capture Pingru's heart. It was a moment that sparked a union that would last almost sixty years. But when Meitang passed away in 2008, Pingru realised t...

War and Art

This sumptuously illustrated volume, edited by eminent war historian Joanna Bourke, offers a comprehensive visual, cultural and historical account of the ways in which armed conflict has been represented in art. Covering the last two centuries, the book shows how the artistic portrayal of war has changed, from a celebration of heroic exploits to a more modern, truthful depiction of warfare and its consequences.

The Hiding Game

'A suspenseful story of obsession against the tense political backdrop of Germany's Bauhaus art school' - Sunday Times In 1922, Paul Beckermann arrives at the Bauhaus art school and is immediately seduced by both the charismatic teaching and his fellow students.

The World's Worst Pets

BE WARNED! AWFUL ANIMALS LURK INSIDE... Millions of readers have loved The World's Worst Children, The World's Worst Teachers and The World's Worst Parents - now they will delight in this ludicrously laugh-out-loud collection of pets, brought to you by the phenomenal Number One bestselling author David Walliams, with every story illustrated in vibrant colour by Adam Stower.

The Sabi Sabi Wedding - Svadba v Sabi Sabi

Billingual Book. This enchanting illustrated children's story set in the African wilderness contains in essence a moral, not unlike those found in the fables of Aesop.

It Fell From The Sky

From the creators of the critically acclaimed The Night Gardener and Ocean Meets Sky comes a whimsical and elegantly illustrated picture book about community, art, the importance of giving back - and the wonder that fell from the sky. It fell from the sky on a Thursday.

One Thousand Years of Manga

A rich, vibrantly illustrated account of the history and sources of manga As contemporary as this graphic art form may appear to readers outside of Japan, manga has, in fact, deep roots in Japanese culture, drawing on centuries-old artistic traditions: traces can be found in seventh century temple paintings, folding screens decorated with comic characters, and painted medieval Emakimono scrolls.

The World's Worst Teachers

A new collection of short stories from the UK’s biggest-selling author – David Walliams. David Walliams’ inventive take on the cautionary tale began in 2016 with the publication of The World’s Worst Children. Two further volumes followed in 2017 and 2018 with total sales of the trilogy now exceeding 1.7 million copies in the UK alone. Walliams now turns his attention to teachers in these ten tales of the most gruesome grown-ups ever. Think your teachers are bad? Wait till you meet this lot. The...

Travels with Charley in Search of America

A collectible 50th anniversary deluxe edition featuring an updated introduction by Jay Parini and first edition cover art and illustrated maps of Steinbeck's route by Don Freeman A Penguin Classic In September 1960, John Steinbeck embarked on a journey across America. He felt that he might have lost touch with the country, with its speech, the smell of its grass and trees, its color and quality of light, the pulse of its people.

Hayao Miyazaki

A richly illustrated journey through the extraordinary cinematic worlds of beloved filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. A New York Magazine 2021 holiday gift guide pick.

War is Over

From the bestselling, award-winning author of SKELLIG comes a vivid and moving story, beautifully illustrated, which commemorates the hundred-year anniversary of the end of the First World War. "I am just a child," says John.

A Street Through Time

Have you ever wondered what your street was like thousands of years ago? This illustrated history book for children takes you on a 12,000-year journey to find out the story of a single street.

Visual Impact

An accessible and richly illustrated exploration of how art and design have driven major social and political change in the 21st century. Visual Impact highlights the extraordinary power of art and graphic design to effect social and political change.


The most exciting rising stars in contemporary art - who's who and what's next - featuring 107 artists born since 1980, as chosen by a new generation of art experts and leaders This stunningly illustrated survey brings together more than 100 of the most innovative and interesting contemporary artists working across all media and spanning the globe.


A stunning visual biography of one of Japan's most famous historical artists, this book beautifully illustrates the story of Katsushika Hokusai. Enter the world of Katsushika Hokusai - the enigmatic creator of Japanese art's all-time most iconic image.

From Russia with Blood

The explosive, untold story of how Russia mastered the art and science of targeted assassination - and why even the most powerful nations in the world have failed to stop Putin. They thought they had found a safe haven in the green hills of England.

How to Read a Photograph

Ian Jeffrey is a superb guide in this profusely illustrated introduction to the appreciation of photography as an art form. Novices and experts alike will gain a deeper understanding of great photographers and their work, as Jeffrey decodes key images and provides essential biographical and historical background.


Unlock the secrets of colour - learn how and why it has been used in art over the centuries. This vibrant and compelling book uses 240 artworks as case studies to tell the story of ten individual colours or colour groups.

How to Get Away

This lavishly illustrated book of getaway homes is filled with lush photographs that illustrate the taste and soul of both the home owner and the designer. With inspiring interiors, along with how-to advice on creating the perfect escape, this book profiles seven types of retreat: contemporary cabins that offer a modern take on forest dwelling; minimalist refuges that are both spare and soulful; dramatic decor hideways; colourful cottages filled with art; reimagined farmhouses; coastal hideouts...

Josef Lada: A 20th-century Central European master - Lev Pavluch

Josef Lada: A 20th-century Central European master - Lev Pavluch, Vydavateľ: Slovart CZ, Väzba: Knihy viazané, Rok vydania: 2022, Počet strán: 128 The first presentation in book form of Josef Lada (1887-1957) as a major exponent of Central European art of the 20th century, and consequently also a master of world painting. This full-colour pictorial monograph is conceived around the premise that his perennial attachment to quintessentially Czech motifs, the Bohemian landscape, as well as Czech t...

My Dad Used To Be So Cool

A perfect baby shower gift for new dads in your life! Keith Negley's playful and emotional art tells this story of a new father who is no longer the cool guy he once was. He looks back wistfully on his crazy times playing in a band, riding a motorcycle, and getting tattoos.


'Brilliant.' Candice Carty-Williams 'This is a miraculous book.' Joe Dunthorne 'A curious, funny and deeply human story.' Emmy the Great Nick, a young illustrator, can't connect with people. Whether it's the barista down the street, his own family or Wren, an oncologist whose life becomes painfully tangled with his, Nick can't shake the feeling that there is some hidden realm of human interaction beyond his reach. He staggers through meaningless conversations and haunts lookalike, vacuous cof...


Audiokniha MP3 Mirage:Montague Rhodes James makes his second appearance in the series in this, the seventh step into the DarknessJames came from Kent in South East England, and was a renowned scientist focusing on medieval art, literature, and architecture. He wrote short stories just for pleasure, and decided to publish them only after his friends persuaded him to do so. His works became a huge source of inspiration for Howard Phillips Lovecraft. His ghost stories are pretty varied, and bas...

Vyzliekanie z kroja - Ľubomír Longauer

Druhý diel cyklu Úžitková grafika na Slovensku po roku 1918 Vyzliekanie z kroja sa zaoberá prienikom modernej typografie a úžitkovej grafiky na Slovensko. Modernú, tzv. novú typografiu začali na Slovensku šíriť intelektuáli z okruhu kultúrno-politického mesačníka DAV. Na osudoch davistov autor približuje vývoj avantgardy a nakoniec aj tragické osudy jej slovenských, ale i niektorých českých protagonistov, a to nielen v oblasti úžitkovej grafiky, ale i v širšom kultúrnom kontexte. Výučbu a vývoj...

Robot v divočině

Elektronická kniha Robot v divočině:Napínavý a dojemný příběh o přátelství robotky Roz a zvířecích obyvatel ostrova uprostřed oceánuZ nákladní lodi, která se během hurikánu potopila uprostřed oceánu, připluje k ostrovu obývanému zvířaty bedna. Zvířata bedýnku najdou a zjistí, že je v ní robotka Roz, nechtěně ji zapnou a ona se musí naučit, jak na neznámém ostrově přežít, spřátelit se se zvířaty, která ji zpočátku považují za „nestvůru“, a překonávat velká nebezpečí. Když už si na ostrově kon...

Robot v divočině

Elektronická kniha Robot v divočině:Napínavý a dojemný příběh o přátelství robotky Roz a zvířecích obyvatel ostrova uprostřed oceánuZ nákladní lodi, která se během hurikánu potopila uprostřed oceánu, připluje k ostrovu obývanému zvířaty bedna. Zvířata bedýnku najdou a zjistí, že je v ní robotka Roz, nechtěně ji zapnou a ona se musí naučit, jak na neznámém ostrově přežít, spřátelit se se zvířaty, která ji zpočátku považují za „nestvůru“, a překonávat velká nebezpečí. Když už si na ostrově kon...

Príbeh umenia - E. H. Gombrich

Príbeh umenia už desaťročia zostáva bezkonkurenčným úvodom do dejín umenia. Vzdeláva a zároveň prináša radosť. Čitatelia všetkých vekových kategórií a vzdelanostnej úrovne na celom svete našli v profesorovi Gombrichovi skvelého rozprávača, ktorý niekoľkými slovami dokáže vysvetliť celkovú atmosféru daného historického obdobia. Chce, aby sme dejiny umenia vnímali ako „príbeh sústavného prelínania a zmeny tradícií, v ktorých sa každé dielo vzťahuje na minulosť a ukazuje na budúcnosť“, ako „živú r...