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The castle franz kafka

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Kafka and Prague - Karol Kállay

Concisely outlining the specific character of a captivating city, this exploration delves into the Czech capital and its relationship to famed author Franz Kafka. Celebrating the city of Prague as Kafka’s birthplace as well as his place of burial, this intriguing volume investigates the metropolis within the context of its role as the background and environment of his entire lifetime.


Long fascinated with the work of Franz Kafka, Peter Kuper began illustrating his stories in 1988. Initially drawn to the master's dark humour, Kuper adapted the stories over the years to plumb their deeper truths.

Impatience /Netrpezlivosť/ - Karol Kállay

Franz Kafka wrote: The world can be looked upon as good only from where it was created, for only there was it said: it is good, and only from there can it be condemned and destroyed. All these photographs of the land and people were taken for someone to see. They need no explanation. It is not important what I intended my photographs to say. What is important is what those who look at them feel.

Hunger (EN)

Verging on death, a starving, destitute writer navigates the cold and indifferent city of Kristiania in search of his next meal. Frenzied and fevered, he chews on stale bread, devours scraps of wood and bites his ownfinger, sleeping under the stars in old,pungent blankets, until one day he is able to sell an article and buy some food – only for the cycle then to repeat itself...Knut Hamsun’s first novel, Hunger won the author the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920 and went on to influence the li...