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The book of the dead

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Vějíř již potřetí nabízí pohled do světa českého komiksu inspirovaného moderními japonskými trendy. Čeká na vás dvacet komiksů, které vám dají nahlédnout do světa fantazie svých tvůrců. Najdete zde příběhy pro romantické duše, komedie ztřeštěné i konverzační, napínavé akční spektákly a na své si přijdou též fandové scifi či fantasy. Každý autor svým osobitým stylem a vnímáním komiksové řeči přispívá k velké rozmanitosti sbírky, v níž tak můžete najít celou šíři dnešní české mangy....

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The House of the Dead (EN)

Completed six years after Dostoyevsky’s own term as a convict, The House of the Dead is a semi-autobiographical account of life in a Siberian prison camp, and the physical and mental effects it has on those who are sentenced to inhabit it. Alexandr Petrovitch Goryanchikov, a gentleman of the noble class, has been condemned to ten years of hard labour for murdering his wife.

The Art of the Illustrated Book

The story of the illustrated book from the earliest printed books to the present day, told through the collections of the V&A's National Art Library. Throughout history, images have been used to reflect the meaning of words and to enhance our understanding of texts.

The Monocle Book of the Nordics

Monocle's latest book is a celebration of the Nordic region, with some surprises, quirks and - maybe - a sauna or two along the way. Monocle's journalists, editors and photographers have returned time and again to all corners of northern Europe for insights, inspiration and ideas for living better.

The Book Of Echoes

'A searing, rhapsodic novel. The Book of Echoes is filled with beauty, devastation and the power of ancestral connections that ripple through the ages' IRENOSEN OKOJIE 'So bewitching I almost felt like I time-travelled back into Brixton 1981.

Look of the Book

Why do some book covers instantly grab your attention, while others never get a second glance? Fusing word and image, as well as design thinking and literary criticism, this captivating investigation goes behind the scenes of the cover design process to answer this question and more.

The Book Of Echoes


The Book of Flowers

Flower painter Pierre-Joseph Redoute (1759-1840) devoted himself exclusively to capturing the diversity of flowering plants in watercolor paintings which were then published as copper engravings, with careful botanical descriptions. The darling of wealthy Parisian patrons including Napoleon's wife Josephine, he was dubbed "the Raphael of flowers," and is regarded to this day as a master of botanical illustration.

The Book of the City of Ladies (EN)

Shocked and distressed by a male writer’s vilification of women, Christine de Pizan has a powerful dreamlike vision in which she is visited by three personified Virtues: Reason, Rectitude and Justice. They tell her she has been chosen to write a book whichwill be like a city, housing virtuous women and protecting them from feminist attack.

The Book of Angst

There's a lot of angst around these days. This heightened sense of fear, concern, insecurity and uncertainty can be overwhelming.

Amscan Naušnice Day of the Dead

naušnice v štýle day of the dead, vhodný ako doplnok ku halloweenskemu kostýmu

Guirca Náhrdelník Day of the Dead

Korálikový náhrdelník v štýle Day of the Dead. Štýlový náhrdelník nesmie chýbať k dámskemu kostýmu na halloweensky karneval. Material: plast.

nadkolienky DAY OF THE DEAD - 18628

dámske elastické nadkolienky (pančucháče) s potlačou. Zloženie: 100% nylon. Vďaka elastickosti Materiálov sa vyrába len jedna univerzálna veľkosť daného produktu.

The House of the Dead: Remake (Limidead Edition) PS4

Slávna zombie strieľačka sa vracia v kompletne prepracovanej podobe. O hre PRÍBEH Doktor Roy Curien, odborník na teóriu ľudského genómu, príde pri pátraní na silu, ktorá by mu umožnila oživovať mŕtvych, aj o poslednú štipku rozumu. Potom, čo konečne nájde riešenie, podarí sa členke jeho výskumného tímu Sophie Richardsovej kontaktovať so žiadosťou... .

The Big Book of Belonging

The Big Book of Belonging is for all the children who like to climb trees, run barefoot, splash in paddles, search for bugs, sing with the birds, taste snowflakes and count the stars. By placing children at the heart of the natural world, the book celebrates our connection with planet Earth and reveals the often surprising similarities between humans, animals and plants.

The Monocle Book of Italy

Following the success of The Monocle Book of Japan, Monocle's latest book is a celebration of all things Italian. Few countries pack a punch like Italy - energetic, enigmatic and effortlessly cool, it's a country of chic beach clubs, tradition-steeped hilltop towns and cities full of soul.

The Book of Dragons (EN)

Eight enchanting tales about a variety of whimsical dragons, by a master of the craft, E Nesbit, are contained in this absolutely delightful volume, The Book of Dragons. While it's essentially meant for children, there are plenty of adults who will find itirresistible enough to peek into and a most charming way to spend a magical hour.

Martius: The Book of Palms

The king of plams. This is Martius' magnificent work on the varieties of palm tree.

The Monocle Book of Photography

The best photo assignments from the Monocle archive, published to mark the magazine's fifteenth anniversary. Back in 2007 the first issues of Monocle magazine hit newsstands and kiosks around the globe.

The Penguin Book of Haiku

'A revelation' Sunday Times, Books of the Year 2018 The first Penguin anthology of Japanese haiku, in vivid new translations by Adam L. Kern.

The Dead Are Arising

Brilliant and indispensable . . . Using the fruits of decades of interviews, [Payne] brings new information and perspectives on one of the most fascinating, and often misunderstood, figures in American history -- Annette Gordon-Reed, author of The Hemingses of Monticello, winner of the Pulitzer Prize The result of nearly three decades of investigative reporting, The Dead Are Arising is an essential new biography of one of the most compelling political figures of the twentieth century -- Jill Le...

The Monocle Book of Homes

Good homes are places where lives can unfold, families grow up, dogs jump on sofas, friends share your hospitality. They should also be places where you can find some solitude - a quiet corner to read a book, have a Saturday afternoon nap.

Unique Obrus Day of the Dead 137x213cm

plastový obrus v štýle halloweenskeho sviatku day of the dead na stolovanie halloweenskej párty oslavy. rozmery: 137x213cm.

Amscan Vejár Day of the Dead 24x42cm

Dekoračný vejár v štýle halloweenskeho sviatku Day of the Dead, vhodný doplnok k dámskemu kostýmu na karneval. Rozmery: 24x42cm.

The Book of Slovak Jazz

Publikácia (v dvoch samostatných jazykových mutáciách) obsahuje stručný prehľad o histórii slovenského džezu,je zameraná na priekopníkov a ďalšie osobnosti, na vývoj džezu na Slovensku v 80-tych a 90-tych rokoch spojený so žánrovo-štýlovou charakteristikou a na prehľad literatúry o džeze na Slovensku. Jadrom publikácie sú profily významných džezových hudobníkov a skupín doplnené fotografickým materiálom vrátane základných bibliografických údajov, charakteristiky hudobného štýlu, zoznamu diel a ...

The Big Book of Birds

Why is a flamingo pink? Can a parrot talk?

The Big Book of Blooms

What does a venus fly trap eat? How strong is a giant water lily?

The Dead Secret (EN)

A masterful blend of Gothic drama and romance, Wilkie Collins’s mystery novel is an exploration of illegitimacy and inheritance. Set in Cornwall, the plot foreshadows The Woman in White with its themes of doubtful identity and deception, and involves a broad array of characters.

Tetovací rukáv Day of the Dead, viacfarebný

Štýlové tetovacie rukávy - Deň smrti sú na tematickú halloweensku párty Día de Muertos tým správnym doplnkom. Sú zdobené mnohými viacfarebnými motívmi, ako sú srdcia a úponky a rozhodne vypĺňajú a skrášľujú vaše predlaktia. Rukávy ale možno tiež použiť na mnoho ďalších kostýmov a tematických osláv, napríklad pre pirátsku párty pre dospelých. Balenie obsahuje 2 ks.

The Penguin Book of Feminist Writing

Feminism is the insight that sexism exists, and the struggle against that oppression. The Penguin Book of Feminist Writing is a global anthology of feminist writers, edited and introduced with a major new essay by Hannah Dawson.

The Dedalus Book of Slovak Literature

The Dedalus Book of Slovak Literature offers a wide-ranging selection of fiction from the end of the nineteenth century until the present day, including work by Slovak's classic and most important contemporary authors such as Rudolf Sloboda, Dominik Tatarka, Opavel Vilikovsky, Monika Kompanikova and Balla. This is the most important selection of Slovak fiction to have appeared in English and will be essential reading for anyone wanting to gain an idea of Slovak Literature.

The Book of Form and Emptiness

LONGLISTED FOR THE WOMEN'S PRIZE FOR FICTION When a book and a reader are meant for each other, both of them know it... After the tragic death of his father, fourteen-year-old Benny Oh begins to hear voices.

The Book of Phobias and Manias

A Times Best Non-fiction Book for Autumn 2022. "We are all driven by our fears and desires, and sometimes we are in thrall to them." A captivating A-Z from the bestselling author of The Suspicions of Mr Whicher.

The House of the Dead: Remake (Limidead Edition) XBOX X|S

Slávna zombie strieľačka sa vracia v kompletne prepracovanej podobe. O hre PRÍBEH Doktor Roy Curien, odborník na teóriu ľudského genómu, príde pri pátraní na silu, ktorá by mu umožnila oživovať mŕtvych, aj o poslednú štipku rozumu. Potom, čo konečne nájde riešenie, podarí sa členke jeho výskumného tímu Sophie Richardsovej kontaktovať so žiadosťou... .

The Book of Form and Emptiness

A brilliantly inventive new novel about loss, growing up and our relationship with things, by the Booker Prize-shortlisted author of A Tale for the Time Being. One year after the death of his beloved musician father, thirteen-year-old Benny Oh begins to hear voices.

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book [Steam]

Husté stromy šuštia vo vetre. Vtáci spievajú piesne s východom ranného slnka a slnko svieti na kvety rastúce popri ceste. Úzka cestička vedie k malému domčeku kde žije dievča. Sophie je veselá a bystrá, i keď trochu roztržitá. Obyčajné dievča aké môžete nájsť hocikde. Ale ovláda jednu schopnosť, ktorú obyvatelia... .

Amscan Goliere Day of the Dead 2ks 19x22cm

2 ks v balení; 42 cm golier s 19 x 22 cm dekoráciami na ramená, univerzálna veľkosť pre deti aj dospelých, doplnky ku kostýmu v štýle Day of the Dead

Amscan Balóny Day of the Dead 27cm 6ks

Latexové balóny s potlačou na halloweensku párty oslavu v štýle Day of the Dead. Vyberte si z najširšej ponuky balónov a fóliových balónov na dekoračnú výzdobu párty narodeninovej oslavy . Priemer balóna: 27,5cmPočet balónov v balení: 6ksMateriál: latexVýrobca: Amscan

Amscan Fóliový balón Day of the Dead 45cm

Fóliový balón Day of the Dead 45cmštandardný fóliový balón s potlačou lebky v štýle sviatku Day of Dead na halloweesku balónovú výzdobu (priemer 45cm)Parametre o 45cm fóliovom balóneFóliový balón sa plní héliom, vdaka ktorému bude lietaťMá v sebe spätný ventil, ktorý automaticky zabraňuje vyfúknutiuMôžete ho doplniť rôznymi balónovými doplnkami ako sú napr. stuhy alebo závažieBalón vydrží lietať cca 7 dní. Pre zákazníkov z Bratislavy ponúkame službu nafúkania balónov héliom priamo na našej prev...

Dead Cells (Action Game of the Year) NSW

Obsahuje prístup k DLC Rise of the Giants, exkluzívnu kľúčenku, nový artvook a obojstraný obal hry. Dead Cells je rogue-like, Castelvaniou inšpirovaná akčná plošinovka, ktorá vám umožňuje preskúmať rozrastajúci a neustále sa meniaci hrad… za predpokladu, že sa dostanete za stráž. Pre porazenie hry sa musíte stať majstrami nemilostrdného 2D súbojového systému.... .

The Address Book

'Deirdre Mask's book was just up my Strasse, alley, avenue and boulevard.' -Simon Garfield, author of Just My Type 'Fascinating ... intelligent but thoroughly accessible ... full of surprises' - Sunday Times Starting with a simple question, 'what do street addresses do?', Deirdre Mask travels the world and back in time to work out how we describe where we live and what that says about us. From the chronological numbers of Tokyo to the naming of Bobby Sands Street in Iran, she explores how our a...