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The body in contemporary art

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The Photograph as Contemporary Art

In the 21st century photography has come of age as a contemporary art form. Almost two centuries after photographic technology was first invented, the art world has fully embraced it as a legitimate medium, equal in status to painting and sculpture.

Conserving Contemporary Art

This is a thorough investigation of the material and philosophical aspects of conserving contemporary art. Since the advent of the avant-garde in the early 20th century, visual artists have adopted new techniques and materials, some of whose characteristics of aging and wear are still largely unknown today.

Vitamin T: Threads and Textiles in Contemporary Art

The bestselling and acclaimed survey of more than 100 global artists, chosen by an international panel of experts for their work with threads, stitching, and textiles Celebrating tapestry, embroidery, stitching, textiles, knitting, and knotting as used by visual artists worldwide, leading curators, critics, and art professionals have nominated more than 100 global living artists for inclusion in this stunning and wide-ranging survey.

Writing the Future

How hip-hop culture and graffiti electrified the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat and his contemporaries in 1980s New York In the early 1980s, art and writing labeled as graffiti began to transition from New York City walls and subway trains onto canvas and into art galleries. Young artists who freely sampled from their urban experiences and their largely Black, Latinx and immigrant histories infused the downtown art scene with expressionist, pop and graffiti-inspired compositions. Jean-Michel Basq...

Bauhaus. World of Art

The aesthetic of our contemporary environment, including everything from housing developments to furniture and websites, is partly the result of a school of art and design founded in Germany in 1919, the Bauhaus. While in operation for only fourteen years before being shut down by the Nazis in 1933, the school left an indelible mark on design as well as the practice of art education throughout the world.

Seven Keys to Modern Art

As artists push further and further beyond their, and our, comfort zones, this book aims to help decipher the bizarre and often intimidating aspects of modern and contemporary art by exploring twenty works of art in terms of seven `keys'. History, biography, aesthetics, experience, theory, criticism and the market represent conventional `modes of existence' for every artwork discussed, but in a fascinating variety of ways.

Alpine songs. Refrains / Point Zero - CD

The band was formed as an open group in 1993 by several musicians active in the field of contemporary classical and experimental rock groups. The main impulse was to perform music over to various genres (graphic scores, influences of rock and jazz, multimedia concepts), but then the group has been focusing on improvised music.

The Book of Legendary Lands

In the tradition of On Beauty, On Ugliness and The Infinity of Lists, Umberto Eco presents an enthralling and erudite illustrated tour of the fabled places that have awed and eluded us through the ages. From the epic poems of Homer to contemporary science fiction, from the Holy Scriptures to modern mythology and fairy tale, literature and art are full of illusory places we have at some time believed are real, and onto which we have projected our dreams, ideals and fears.

The Man Who Fell to Earth

Loving the Alien Behind the scenes of Nic Roeg's 1976 sci-fi masterpiece starring David Bowie First advertised as a "mind-stretching experience," Nicolas Roeg's 1976 The Man Who Fell to Earth stunned the cinema world. A tour-de-force of science fiction as art form, the movie brought not only hallucinatory visuals and a haunting exploration of contemporary alienation, but also glam-rock legend David Bowie in his lead role debut as paranoid alien Newton.


Running project of the EMOP members is a book project on contemporary photography and new ways of envisioning the body. Under the generic title “Bodyfiction” EMOP showcases contemporary photographic art by emerging artists who reconsider the body and the human figure.


Examining the body language displayed in works of art is a whole new way of looking at art. The gestures portrayed can reflect the mores of a particular period in history, the customs of a certain culture or a fashion in artistic styles.

New Wave Clay

Throughout the twentieth century, ceramics was broadly divided into two sectors. Studio pottery, which was a reaction against the mass-made wares of the industrial revolution, and fine art by contemporary artists, who just happened to use clay in their practice but rejected many of its traditional codes of practice.

Being a Writer

The joys and challenges of being a writer are explored in this inspiring assemblage of wit, wisdom and hard-won practical advice from some of the world's greatest authors musing on the art of writing and how they came to define themselves as writers. From Samuel Johnson in eighteenth-century London to Lorrie Moore in twenty-first-century Wisconsin, the contributors range from the canon to contemporary, covering more than 250 years, and come from all over the world.

Shoes Puma Suede Classic x BT

The contemporary street artist BRADLEY THEODORE has transformed, in honor of the 50th anniversary, the iconic PUMA SUEDE on his canvas and the result is "masterpiece" with   his clear handwriting – striking colorful spots in   shades of blue, pink and red on a contrasting black Substrate. The icing on the cake are shoelaces in the same color and Bradley's cognitive sign in the   form of a small pronounced skull in the   the back of each shoe. Proof that you are holding a rea...

David Hockney

For a contemporary artist of serious aesthetic purpose, David Hockney enjoys immense, perhaps unequaled public visibility: the shock of dyed blond hair, the owlish glasses, and the shy, schoolboy grin are known as much through the popular press as through the journals of the art world. His engaging personality, his quirky but always enlightening ideas about art, and his inexhaustible inventiveness both of imagery and of techniques ranging from oil painting to photography to faxes are captured b...


A fresh look: Pivotal paintings of modernityLampooned during his lifetime for his style as much as his subject matter, French painterEdouard Manet (1832 1883) is now considered a crucial figure in the history of art, bridging the transition from Realism to Impressionism.Manet s work combined a painterly technique with strikingly modern images of contemporary life, centered on the urban Paris experience. He recorded the city s parks, bars, and cabarets, often delighting in the frisson of undergr...


In autumn 2019, the Royal Academy of Arts is organising 'Eco-Visionaries: Confronting a Planet in a State of Emergency', an exhibition that will examine how contemporary practices of art and architecture are responding to current global ecological changes. 'Eco-Visionaries' brings together architects and artists who are proposing inventive and critical ways to address some of the most pressing issues of our times, from climate change to resource depletion and species extinction.

Van Gogh

Anguished art: The tortured talents of a post-Impressionist masterToday, the works of Vincent van Gogh (1853 1890) are among the most well-known and celebrated in the world. In Sunflowers, The Starry Night, Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, and many, many paintings and drawings beyond, we recognize an artist uniquely dexterous in the portrayal of mood and place through paint, pencil, charcoal, or chalk.Yet as he was deploying the lurid colors, emphatic brushwork, and contoured forms that would s...

Alena Adamíková Portraits - T. Emmerling, B. Jablonská, V. Polakovič

Alena Adamíková is one of the prominent personalities of contemporary painting. Looking at the art by Alena Adamikova, we can find lines of a stability in her work that are all too rare these days. Firstly, she paints portraits, naturalistic, with strong contrasts in colour and structure. This gives her works a certain mystical atmosphere, making her one of the most remarkable contemporary surrealist painters. Nonetheless, in the last 10 years of her work, Alena Adamikova has been reflecting he...


Renaissance man in extremis Michelangelo, in pursuit of the beautiful and sublime Italian-born Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475 - 1564) was a tormented, prodigiously talented, and God-fearing Renaissance man. His manifold achievements in painting, sculpture, architecture, poetry, and engineering combined body, spirit, and God into visionary masterpieces that changed art history forever.


Dance class: The master of bodies in motionMost commonly associated with the birth of the Impressionist movement in mid-19th-century Paris, Edgar Degas (1834 1917) in fact defied easy categorization and instead developed a unique style, strongly influenced by Old Masters, the body in motion, and everyday urban life.The elder scion of a wealthy family, Degas cofounded a series of exhibitions of Impressionist art, but soon disassociated himself from the group in pursuit of a more realist approach...

Blood (O Sangue) - DVD

Few filmmakers can boast a body of work as audacious, beautiful or challenging as that of Pedro Costa, and Blood is one of the most extraordinary debuts of the past twenty years. Filmed in startling monochrome and demonstrating a love and knowledge of classical Hollywood and European art cinema, Blood is a lushly stylized romantic fable.

HELMUT LANG Open Plaid Shirt

Update your wardrobe with this shirt and other contemporary casuals from Helmut Lang . Crafted in a soft wool and cashmere blend, this oversized style features a open back, raw hemline and trims, cut outs to the upper arms and a five button placket closure. Size selection: British sizing (Standard sizing) Fits true to size, take your normal size Cut with an oversized fit Body: 94% wool, 6% cashmere \Professional clean only Product code: 655048


Radical space: How Zaha Hadid created a 21st-century architectureZaha Hadid was a revolutionary architect, who for many years built almost nothing, despite winning critical acclaim. Some even said her audacious, futuristic designs were unbuildable.During the latter years of her life, Hadid s daring visions became a reality, bringing a unique new architectural language to cities and structures as varied as the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati, hailed by The New York Times as t...

Asics Lite Show Short Sleeve Top Ladies

The ASICS LITE-Show short-sleeve running top for women is a contemporary sportswear staple. Made from a lightweight and quick-drying fabric, this women’s running top also features slits at the lower hem for ease of movement as well as a mesh panel at the back for added breathability. Designed with body mapped ASICS LITE-Show print for 360-degree reflectivity and reflective ASICS branding, this item makes sure the wearer can train in safety well after dark. With strategically bonded seams for ad...

Asics Lite Show Short Sleeve Top Ladies

The ASICS LITE-Show short-sleeve running top for women is a contemporary sportswear staple. Made from a lightweight and quick-drying fabric, this women’s running top also features slits at the lower hem for ease of movement as well as a mesh panel at the back for added breathability. Designed with body mapped ASICS LITE-Show print for 360-degree reflectivity and reflective ASICS branding, this item makes sure the wearer can train in safety well after dark. With strategically bonded seams for ad...

DKNY Bomber Jacket

Layer up in style with this knitted bomber jacket from DKNY. This contemporary style features a contrasting panel to the front, zip pockets to the side and a ribbed collar. This piece is finish with subtle branded tab detailing to the front and ribbed trims. Size selection: Standard sizing Fits true to size, take your normal size Cut with a regular fit Body: 80% cotton, 20% nylonFront panel: 100% polyester

Craftland Japan

In Japanese life and culture, there has never been a clear distinction between art, craft and design. Generations of artisans have for centuries forged and refined their crafts, which have become the envy of the modern world. Regions of Japan are renowned for specific traditions, many of which are born of local materials and the natural settings in which they are produced. Visitors and craft and design enthusiasts have long known about the high quality of craftsmanship and the unique quality of...

Skins DNAmic Print Short Sleeve Top Mens

Skins DNAmic Print Short Sleeve Top Mens SKINS DNAmic Short Sleeve Top boosts upper body muscle performance and beats fatigue on the sports field or in the gym. Dynamic Gradient Compression wraps and supports the core and upper arms, so you can up your workout intensity without feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck the next day. • Dynamic Gradient Compression SKINS most advanced compression technology increases muscle oxygenation, stabilises active muscles and reduces blood lactate build up,...

Cur homo?

Elektronická kniha Cur homo?:This monograph has set itself the goal to examine, outline, elucidate, and supplement the existing body of knowledge concerning a theme from patristic and medieval theology recalled in 1953 by Marie-Dominique Chenu, and that is the assertion that man was created as a replacement for fallen angels (Yves Congar: créature de remplacement; Louis Bouyer: ange de remplacement). The study first shows that the idea of man having being created to take the place of fallen ...

Samizdat Past and Present

Elektronická kniha Samizdat Past and Present:Much of what we now consider the canon of twentieth-century Czech literature—the work of authors like Bohumil Hrabal, Ludvík Vaculík, and Jáchym Topol, among many others—has, in fact, just recently become widely available to readers. Long published only in censored form or in secret among political dissidents, this body of underground literature is collectively known as samizdat. Samizdat Past and Present provides an expert introduction to these w...