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The Art of the Illustrated Book

The story of the illustrated book from the earliest printed books to the present day, told through the collections of the V&A's National Art Library. Throughout history, images have been used to reflect the meaning of words and to enhance our understanding of texts.

Arménské knižní umění v průběhu staletí / The Art of The Armenian Book through..

Předkládaný katalog Arménské knižní umění v průběhu staletí ? „Ti, kdo pili z toků Ducha“ vychází při příležitosti stejnojmenné výstavy, která se uskuteční v Národní knihovně České republiky od 11. do 25. října 2016. Kniha obsahuje fotografie a popisky (ve třech jazycích ? angličtině, arménštině a češtině) sedmdesáti pěti manuskriptů a tisků, které vybral a okomentoval Haig Utidjian. Důraz je kladen na rané tisky, mj. vynikající editiones principes arménské Bible, Hymnáře a jiných liturgických ...

The Word is Art

There has been much scaremongering about the 'death of the book', and how, as words find new ways and means of transmission, young people might gradually begin to shun writing. In the digital age, text becomes information, and information strives to become free.

The Art Theory, Aesthetics and Art Criticism of Miroslav Tyrš

This book discusses Tyrš’s body of work on art theory, aesthetics, and criticism in a comprehensive way, placing his ideas in the context of contemporary thought and analysing the main terms he uses. In certain respects, Tyrš’s views remain in alignment with traditional views on the development of art history and have now been superseded.

The Art of Mafia Trilogy EN fantasy

Beautiful picture book The Art of Mafia Trilogy The initial Mafia game entered the videogame field as one of the first Czech franchises to conquer the international market. Taking its rightful place amongst the most iconic titles, it brought Czech Republic recognition in the world of videogames. Along with its... .

The Great Believers

WINNER OF THE CARNEGIE MEDAL 2019 FINALIST FOR THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARDS A New York Times Top Ten Best Book of 2018 'I loved this book' Garth Greenwell, author of What Belongs to You In 1985, Yale Tishman, the development director for an art gallery in Chicago, is about to pull off an amazing coup: bringing an extraordinary collection of 1920s paintings as a gift to the gallery. Yet as his career begins to flourish, the carnage of the AIDs epidemic grows around him.

Pizza Art Exercise Book 2-Pack multicolor - One Size

This twin package contains two workbooks in DIN A5 format. The cover sheets reinterpret two famous paintings: the creation of Adam by the Renaissance painter and sculptor Michelangelo and the girl with the pearl earring by the baroque artist Vermeer. A pizza slice was integrated into both! With the words "Pizza Love" the motif is repeated on the back. Farba: multicolor Zloženie: Shell Fabric 1: 100% Other materials, Papier

Do Listen

Do Listen is about rediscovering the lost art of listening.

Art & Lies

In a near-future London, Sappho, Picasso and Handel each set upon the same plan - to flee the city by train. Finding themselves fellow passengers, the poet, the painter and the musician discover their fates drawn together by the curious agency of a book.

Art Deco

The Art Deco style is so recognisable and widespread that its original impact on the culture in which it emerged has been all but lost in the clutter of imitation. This book draws our attention back to the birth of Art Deco-a period between two devastating world wars when industrialisation was flourishing, interest in archaeology was peaking and movements such as Cubism, Constructivism, Futurism and Modernism were turning the art world on its head.

Art = Discovering Infinite Connections in Art History

A fresh and unconventional approach to exploring 6,000 years of art history through 800 masterpieces from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Featuring more than 800 artworks from the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, this groundbreaking book - organized by thematic keywords - draws upon The Met's online Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History - offering fresh, unconventional ways of engaging with visual culture. Discover how artists see the world and inspire each other with common t...

The Japanese Garden

An in-depth exploration spanning 800 years of the art, essence, and enduring impact of the Japanese garden. The most comprehensive exploration of the art of the Japanese garden published to date, this book covers more than eight centuries of the history of this important genre.

War and Art

This sumptuously illustrated volume, edited by eminent war historian Joanna Bourke, offers a comprehensive visual, cultural and historical account of the ways in which armed conflict has been represented in art. Covering the last two centuries, the book shows how the artistic portrayal of war has changed, from a celebration of heroic exploits to a more modern, truthful depiction of warfare and its consequences.

Art as Therapy

This passionate, thought-provoking, often funny, and always-accessible book proposes a new way of looking at art, suggesting that it can be useful, relevant, and therapeutic. Through practical examples, the world-renowned authors argue that certain great works of art have clues as to how to manage the tensions and confusions of modern life.

Cézanne. Landscape into Art

The book of the world known scholar on Cézanne's work, Pavel Machotka, throws a new light on the momentous work of Paul Cézanne. He is often viewed merely from his place in history – as a forerunner of the Cubists, or more simply as the father of modern art.

What is Black Art?

A landmark anthology on British art history, bringing together overlooked and marginalized perspectives from 'the critical decade' What is Black art and why don't we know more about it? This book presents the histories, methodologies and sociopolitical perspectives of a generation of artists and writers who operated with and against the mainstream British art systems during the 1980s.

Expressions. Art in Pastry

'Julie's passion comes from the heart, turning humble pastry into a masterpiece' Richard Bertinet. Julie Jones, Instagram influencer and author of Soulful Baker and The Pastry School conducts online workshops for pastry decorating and this is the book that her followers have been crying out for.

Warhol. A Life as Art

The definitive biography of one of the most famous and influential artists the world has ever seen A GUARDIAN, TIMES AND HERALD SCOTLAND BOOK OF THE YEAR "Superb...Gopnik persuasively assembles his case over the course of this mesmerising book, which is as much art history and philosophy as it is biography" Kathryn Hughes, The Guardian When critics attacked Andy Warhol's Marilyn paintings as shallow, the Pop artist was happy to present himself as shallower still: He claimed that he silkscreened...

It Fell From The Sky

From the creators of the critically acclaimed The Night Gardener and Ocean Meets Sky comes a whimsical and elegantly illustrated picture book about community, art, the importance of giving back - and the wonder that fell from the sky. It fell from the sky on a Thursday.

Seven Keys to Modern Art

As artists push further and further beyond their, and our, comfort zones, this book aims to help decipher the bizarre and often intimidating aspects of modern and contemporary art by exploring twenty works of art in terms of seven `keys'. History, biography, aesthetics, experience, theory, criticism and the market represent conventional `modes of existence' for every artwork discussed, but in a fascinating variety of ways.

The Spoils of Poynton (EN)

Published in 1897, The Spoils of Poynton is one of the quintessential works of James’s middle period. The ‘spoils’ of the book’s title refer to furniture and other objets d’art that the widow Adela Gereth moves to her cottage so that they are kept away from the clutches of her coarse future daughter-in-law, Mona Brigstock.

Radical Architecture of the Future

An important and fascinating collection of original projects by unique thinkers in the world of architecture and spatial design Architectural practice today goes far beyond the design and construction of buildings - the most exciting, forward-thinking architecture is also found in digital landscapes, art, apps, films, installations, and virtual reality. This remarkable book features projects - surprising, beautiful, outrageous, and sometimes even frightening - that break rules and shatter bound...

The Lives of Lucian Freud. Youth 1922-1968

SELECTED AS BOOK OF THE YEAR BY THE TIMES, FINANCIAL TIMES, DAILY TELEGRAPH, NEW STATESMAN, SUNDAY TIMES, TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT AND SPECTATOR SHORTLISTED FOR THE BAILLIE GIFFORD PRIZE FOR NON-FICTION 2019 'This exceptional book is far from standard biography ... A compendium of high-grade gossip about everyone from Princess Margaret to the Krays, a tour of the immediate post-war art world, a snapshot of grimy London and a narrative of Freud's career and rackety life and loves ...

The Illustrated Dust Jacket 1920-1970

The middle decades of the twentieth century saw an extraordinary flourishing of the illustrated, pictorial dust jacket. From the 1920s, as the potential for the book's protective wrapping to be used for promotion and enticement became clear, artists and illustrators on both sides of the Atlantic applied their talents to this particular art form.Rising to the wide-ranging challenges posed by format and subject matter, leading artists and illustrators, including John Piper, Edward Bawden and John...


An enchanting graphic novel about a feud, a friendship, and two girls forever changed. Based on the beautifully hand-crafted animated adventure, WolfWalkers, this graphic novel features an introduction and exclusive original art from film cocreator Tomm Moore and co-Art Director Maria Pareja.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Gryffindor Edition - Joanne K. Rowlingová

Let the magic of J.K. Rowling's classic series take you back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Issued to mark the 20th anniversary of first publication of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, these irresistible House Editions celebrate the noble character of the four Hogwarts houses. Featuring gorgeous house-themed cover art and interior line illustrations by Kate Greenaway Medal winner Levi Pinfold, each book will also have vibrant sprayed edges in the house livery. Entertaini...

Tove Jansson

An appreciation of the life and art of Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomin books, which are adored by children and adults across the globe. This book provides fresh insights and a deeper appreciation of the life and art of Tove Jansson (1914-2001), one of the most original, influential and perennially enjoyed illustrators of the 20th century.


The perfect miscellany for every art lover - an essential and engaging collection of facts, figures, and findings about art, artists, and the art world, past and present This extraordinary compendium of compelling facts, figures, and findings gathers and distils obscure and fascinating information about art, artists, and the art world. Fun, surprising, and compelling, in this covetable book you will learn: - which artist's work is stolen most often (Picasso) - names of artists' pets: Fat Fat & ...

Masterpieces, investment a representation

The title of the book may appear confused in content at first sight. The selected goldsmiths’ works always represent the starting point for wider considerations in the field of the art history of the specific micro-region.


Running project of the EMOP members is a book project on contemporary photography and new ways of envisioning the body. Under the generic title “Bodyfiction” EMOP showcases contemporary photographic art by emerging artists who reconsider the body and the human figure.


'An exhilarating, shape-shifting exploration of the perilous boundaries between art and life' JENNY OFFILL 'An incredible book, the best work of criticism I have read in a very long time' NICK HORNBY


A stunning visual biography of one of Japan's most famous historical artists, this book beautifully illustrates the story of Katsushika Hokusai. Enter the world of Katsushika Hokusai - the enigmatic creator of Japanese art's all-time most iconic image.


'Process - Visual Journeys in Graphic Design' is a unique book highlighting the rarely shown sketching and process behind the making of marks and logotypes. It is based on the work by the studio BankerWessel. 12 projects are presented with nearly 1500 individual sketches with attached annotations showing the actual thought process present in the creation. The book includes marks for a range of companies within the realm of art, music and fashion including Hasselblad Foundation and Fotografiska.

Pictures of Czech Postmodernism

The essays in this book deal with those who currently figure among the most important Czech artists and whose work is internationally recognized. Most of them entered the art scene in the late 1980s on the crest of a powerful generational wave known as Czech postmodernism.

A Taste of Slovakia 3 - Winter

The third book of this award-winning series is about winter in the Slovak kitchen. It will take you from the Advent season and the folklore of witches' days through the art of medovníky and oblátky baking to the festive days of Christmas and a complete Christmas dinner menu.

Walk Through Walls

'Her bravest work of performance art to date . . . Rawly intimate' Observer This memoir spans Marina Abramovic's five decade career, and tells a life story that is almost as exhilarating and extraordinary as her groundbreaking performance art. Taking us from her early life in communist ex-Yugoslavia, to her time as a young art student in Belgrade in the 1970s, where she first made her mark with a series of pieces that used the body as a canvas, the book also describes her relationship with the ...

How to Get Away

This lavishly illustrated book of getaway homes is filled with lush photographs that illustrate the taste and soul of both the home owner and the designer. With inspiring interiors, along with how-to advice on creating the perfect escape, this book profiles seven types of retreat: contemporary cabins that offer a modern take on forest dwelling; minimalist refuges that are both spare and soulful; dramatic decor hideways; colourful cottages filled with art; reimagined farmhouses; coastal hideouts...

Josef Lada: A 20th-century Central European master - Lev Pavluch

Josef Lada: A 20th-century Central European master - Lev Pavluch, Vydavateľ: Slovart CZ, Väzba: Knihy viazané, Rok vydania: 2022, Počet strán: 128 The first presentation in book form of Josef Lada (1887-1957) as a major exponent of Central European art of the 20th century, and consequently also a master of world painting. This full-colour pictorial monograph is conceived around the premise that his perennial attachment to quintessentially Czech motifs, the Bohemian landscape, as well as Czech t...


A beautiful gift for the intrepid explorer in your life by one of the most acclaimed and beloved nature writers working today, the internationally bestselling, prize-winning author of Landmarks, The Lost Words and The Old Ways A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER WINNER OF THE WAINWRIGHT PRIZE 2019 WINNER OF THE STANFORD DOLMAN TRAVEL BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD 2020 'You'd be crazy not to read this book' The Sunday Times A Guardian Best Book of the 21st Century In Underland, Robert Macfarlane takes us on a jo...

Visual Protest

Decades before he blew the lid off the high-stakes art world by shredding a work immediately following its purchase at an auction, Banksy was committing acts of artistic protest on the streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world. We still don't know who Banksy is, but thanks to this book we have a greater sense of how he works.