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The age of american unreason

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (EN)

An imaginative, clever, and mischievous boy named Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Finn witness a murder in a graveyard and Tom is forced to testify against the murderer, Injun Joe. Injun Joe escapes and when Tom and his crush Becky Thatcher meet him in a dark cave their hope of escape diminishes...The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a very well known and popular coming of age story concerning the American youth.

Touch of Death

Audiokniha MP3 Touch of Death:The eighth step into the Darkness takes place on the American side of the AtlanticIt features two short stories by a single author – Texas native Robert Ervin Howard. Sadly enough, Howard died at age 30, but he still managed to create several immortal heroes – and was one of the founders of the now popular genre of heroic fantasy (along with J. R. R. Tolkien). R. E. Howard created Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonja, and Solomon Kane. Together with H. P. Lovecraft an...

Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Considered one of the all-time great American works of fiction, Fitzgerald’s glorious yet ultimately tragic social satire on the Jazz Age encapsulates the exuberance, energy and decadence of an era. A major film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan is set for release in May 2013. After the war, the mysterious Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire pursues wealth, riches and the lady he lost to another man with stoic determination. He buys a mansion across from her house and throws lavish...