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Queen news of the world

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čiapka Queen - News Of The World - RAZAMATAZ - JB125

ľahko elastický čiapka s potlačou. Farba: čierna. Zloženie: 100% polyester. výška cca.: 20cm Pre obvod hlavy cca .: 52 až 60cm.

nášivka Queen - News Of The World - RAZAMATAZ - SPR2980

nášivka o rozmer ech cca .: 9,5cm x 9,5cm. Obrázok na etikete je vyšívaný. Zloženie: bavlna, polyester. Značka: RAZAMATAZ.

The Fate of Food

Is the future of food looking bleak - or better than ever? At a time when every day brings news of drought and famine, Amanda Little investigates what it will take to feed a hotter, hungrier, more crowded world.

Newspaper Design

Newspaper Design showcases the best of editorial and graphic design from the most renowned newspapers across the world, and proves that skillful news design matters more than ever before. Over recent years, the world of news making has dramatically changed.

Where We Go from Here : Two Years in the - Bernie Sanders

During his campaign for President in 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders stated over and over again that the future of America was dependent upon its willingness to start a political revolution. Real change never occurs from the top down - it always happens from the bottom up. That's what he said when he ran for President, and that's what he believes now more than ever. At a time of massive and growing wealth inequality, with the US moving closer and closer to an oligarchic form of society, and in the...