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Paris for one and other stories

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A World Apart and Other Stories

Elektronická kniha A World Apart and Other Stories:“It grew dark and a mist spread over the countryside like a curtain. We were at the Bohemian border. Customs control, shouting, the din of the station, and finally the train moved on with a monotonous drone.<br> ‘It was right here that I met Teresa Elinson,’ Marta said, in the corner of the cozy compartment.<br> I replied: ‘Who is Teresa Elinson? I don’t remember you ever mentioning her.’<br> ‘No, never. It was a kind of ad...

Homelessness among young people in Prague

Elektronická kniha Homelessness among young people in Prague:Undoubtedly, homelessness is an interesting phenomenon of today. It represents a clear social failure which can be viewed as a syndrome of a complex social failure. Everyone knows the homeless and sees them on everyday basis, but only few people know about them more than that they look neglected, drink alcohol and always sleep in various places. The reality is, however, in many respects different, primarily as concerns young people...