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Nike tee s rosh white

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Tričko NIKE Sportswear Fierce Tee White Biela S

Dámske tričko NIKE Sportswear Fierce Tee je vyrobené z bavlny pre celodenné pohodlie.

Mister Tee Great Again Tee white - S

A T-shirt that inevitably draws the focus onto the feet. Thus, it would be advisable that you have them dressed with original Yeezys. It is exactly this dope sneakers style, established in 2008 by Kanye West and Nike, which is promoted with this tee. Whether you wear 350s or newer versions – the main thing is you wear YZYs! Farba: white Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 100% Baumwolle, Single Jersey, 180 GSM