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Music of the flemish renaissance

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Concepts of Harmony in Five Metaphysical Poets

The present monograph Concepts of Harmony in Five Metaphysical Poets analyses the significance of Pythagorean cosmology for the understanding the world and man in the English Renaissance. The author perceives Pythagorean cosmology as a key concept for the arts in the Renaissance, especially music and poetry.

Van Eyck

Often imitated but never equaled, Jan van Eyck (c. 1390-1441) left an indelible impression on Renaissance art and paved the way for future realist painters. With its unprecedented precision and masterful use of color, Arnolfini Double Portrait, depicting the wedding of a young couple, is testament to the mastery of the Flemish painter and leader of the Early Netherlandish school. Van Eyck painted both secular and religious subject matter, emphasizing a naturalism and realism that moved seamless...