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Live in new orleans

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Live in Your Garden

Are you looking for inspiration for a new garden, or do you want to do something with the one you already have? Or is it that you just want to daydream and let yourself be carried away by beautiful garden scenes?This beautifully presented book brings a fresh and contemporary view of the garden as a welcoming place where you can live well and spend delightful moments with your loved ones.The carefully selected photographs by top photographers have managed to capture not only design of the highes...

Game Golf Golf Live

Game Golf Live GPS Shot Tracking TAG. SWING. DIAL IT IN. The ultimate GAME GOLF product has arrived. Introducing GAME GOLF LIVE The world’s first REAL-TIME automatic shot tracking system for iOS and Android phones. Just tag, swing and dial in your game to lower your score The GAME GOLF platform allows golfers to see total score, fairway accuracy, greens-in-regulation, approach shot accuracy, scramble percentage, sand saves, putts and average club distances. Compare your stats to others through...

Adventures in the "Stone Age"

When Leopold Pospíšil first arrived in New Guinea in 1954 to investigate the legal systems of the local tribes, he was warned about the Kapauku who reputedly had no laws. Dubious that any society could exist without laws, Pospíšil immediately decided to live among and study the Kapauku.

Adventures in the Stone Age

When Leopold Pospíšil first arrived in New Guinea in 1954 to investigate the legal systems of the local tribes, he was warned about the Kapauku who reputedly had no laws. Dubious that any society could exist without laws, Pospíšil immediately decided to live among and study the Kapauku.

VERBATIM CD-R(10-pack)Audio/Live it!/Colour/Jewel/80Min

„Mechanické technické požiadavky“ na médiá Verbatim sú veľmi presné a dáta na nich zapísané je možné načítať širokou škálou jednotiek. Z toho dôvodu vykazujú disky Verbatim vysoký stupeň kompatibility s jednotkami s rôznymi rýchlosťami zápisu.Vynikajúca odolnosť voči UV žiareniu,Životnosť: Technológia Extra Protection - až 40 rokov; zapisovacia vrstva AZO - až 100 rokovnajnižší stupeň výskytu chýb pri použití širokej škály zapisovacích jednotiek CD,doživotná záruka.Císlo súčasti: 43365Kapacita:...

Adventures in the Stone Age

Elektronická kniha Adventures in the Stone Age:When Leopold Pospíšil first arrived in New Guinea in 1954 to investigate the legal systems of the local tribes, he was warned about the Kapauku who reputedly had no laws. Dubious that any society could exist without laws, Pospíšil immediately decided to live among and study the Kapauku. <br><br> Learning the language and living as a participant-observer among the Kapauku, Pospíšil discovers that the supposedly primitive society posse...

How the Word Is Passed

Beginning in his hometown of New Orleans, Clint Smith leads the reader on an unforgettable tour of monuments and landmarks - those that are honest about the past and those that are not - which offer an intergenerational story of how slavery has been central in shaping a nation's collective history, and our own. It is the story of the Monticello Plantation in Virginia, the estate where Thomas Jefferson wrote letters espousing the urgent need for liberty while enslaving more than four hundred peo...

Survival of the City

From New York to New Delhi, COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on our urban world, turning the physical proximity which is central to the creative energy of the city into a potentially deadly threat to our health and well being. Yet most of us live or work in cities.

The Awakened Brain

A groundbreaking exploration of the neuroscience of spirituality and a bold new paradigm for health, healing, and resilience. 'Lisa Miller is the leading psychologist of her generation' Martin Seligman 'We can live chasing goals and rewards, lost in worries and regrets.

Nungon People of Uruwa

The subject of this book is a culture of a Nungon ethnic group, who live in the mountainous part of Huon peninsula in Papua-New Guinea. The authors of the book conveyed the opinions of the pupils of the local elementary school on issues as culture, nature, environment conservation and prospects for the future.

The Secret Garden

Audiokniha MP3 The Secret Garden:Audiokniha The Secret Garden namluvená rodilým mluvčím. Jazyková úroveň A2 pro mírně pokročilé posluchače. One day, in India, nine-year old Mary wakes up and finds that she is completely alone. Back home in England, she is sent to live with an uncle she has never met. His house is a strange, lonely place where she will gradually discover secret after secret in a new and magical world.

Half of a Yellow Sun

THE WOMEN'S PRIZE FOR FICTION 'WINNER OF WINNERS' Winner of the Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction 2007, this is a heartbreaking, exquisitely written literary masterpiece Ugwu, a boy from a poor village, works as a houseboy for a university professor. Olanna, a young woman, has abandoned her life of privilege in Lagos to live with her charismatic new lover, the professor.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist

The comics legend's first new book since his 2015 bestseller Killing and Dying. 'Adrian Tomine has more ideas in twenty panels than novelists have in a lifetime.' Zadie Smith Through a series of exquisitely observed autobiographical sketches, Adrian Tomine explores his life - from an early moment on the playground being bullied, to a more recent experience, lying on a gurney in the hospital, and having the nurse say 'Hey! You're that cartoonist!' Self-deprecating, honest, and above all else, hu...

Enigma Variations

From a youthful infatuation with a cabinet maker in a small Italian fishing village, to a passionate yet sporadic affair with a woman in New York, to an obsession with a man he meets at a tennis court, Enigma Variations charts one man's path through the great loves of his life. Paul's intense desires, losses and longings draw him closer, not to a defined orientation, but to an understanding that 'heartache, like love, like low-grade fevers, like the longing to reach out and touch a hand across ...

Nomad Century

Longlisted for the Financial Times Business Book of the Year award 'Gaia Vince's new book should be read not just by every politician, but by every person on the planet' Observer An urgent investigation of the most underreported, seismic consequence of climate change: how it will force us to change where - and how - we live We are facing a species emergency. With every degree of temperature rise, a billion people will be displaced from the zone in which humans have lived for thousands of years.

Little Lord Fauntleroy (A2) - Burnett F.H.

Enjoy reading about this little boy and discover if he stays true to himself even with all the changes in his life. In the mid-1880s, young Cedric Errol lives with his mother in New York. They are quite poor after the death of Cedric’s father, but live a simple happy life together. Then, one day, an English lawyer comes to visit them. He has a message from the Earl of Dorincourt, Cedric’s rich English grandfather that will change Cedric’s life forever. Will he be happy? Will he win the heart of...

The Digital Nomad Handbook

Escape the nine-to five and learn how to live and work on the road with the latest addition to Lonely Planet's Handbook series, a practical guide inspiring and motivating people to achieve their goal of travelling more, starting a whole new way of living and creating a flexible work/life balance. Divided into two sections, this informative book firstly explains the practicalities of working on the road, such as income generation, managing career changes, keeping in touch with family and maintai...

Pollyanna (A1) - Eleanor H. Porter

Pollyanna comes to live with her Aunt Polly. Pollyanna always looks for the good in life and she helps her new friends to be happy again, but not her aunt! Will Aunt Polly learn to be happy? Pollyanna is eleven when she comes to live with her Aunt Polly, after her father dies. Life isn’t easy for Pollyanna. Her aunt is a difficult, cold woman and everyone in this small, American town is sad! But Pollyanna is good at making friends, and she always finds something to be happy about. Soon the peop...

Rules of Civility

Rules Of Civility by Amor Towles is the unforgettable debut by the million-copy bestselling author of A Gentleman in Moscow and The Lincoln Highway In a New York City jazz bar on the last night of 1937, watching a quartet because she couldn't afford to see the whole ensemble, there were certain things Katey Kontent knew: * how to sneak into the cinema, and steal silk stockings from Bendel's * how to type eighty words a minute, five thousand an hour, and nine million a year * that if you can sti...

The Betrayal of Anne Frank - Rosemary Sulliv3-5 dnívá

The Betrayal of Anne Frank - Rosemary Sulliv3-5 dnívá, Vydavateľ: HarperCollins, Väzba: Paperback, Rok vydania: 2022, Počet strán: 336 Less a mystery unsolved than a secret well keptThe mystery has haunted generations since the Second World War: Who betrayed Anne Frank and her family? And why? Now, thanks to radical new technology and the obsession of a retired FBI agent, this book offers an answer. Rosemary Sullivan unfolds the story in a gripping, moving narrative.Over thirty million people h...