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Roads of Jazz + 6 CD

The book: The history of jazz, which began at the start of the twentieth century, is the story of artists who developed their music especially in big cities like New Orleans, Chicago, or New York. The roads of jazz are marked by great names and they present different styles that do not end in America, but reach every continent.

Rio Danubio - CD

Jazz, klezmer, klasická hudba, skladby ovplyvnené atmosférou Blízkeho východu. To všetko nájdete v diskografii Erika Rothensteina.

From the Bottom - CD

Basgitarista s mimoriadnym inštrumentálnym talentom neuznáva žánrové hranice. Jazz, soul, funk aj vážna hudba.

Alpine songs. Refrains / Point Zero - CD

The band was formed as an open group in 1993 by several musicians active in the field of contemporary classical and experimental rock groups. The main impulse was to perform music over to various genres (graphic scores, influences of rock and jazz, multimedia concepts), but then the group has been focusing on improvised music.