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Incorrigible one for all cd

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Charlie Puth - CD Voicenotes & Nine Track Mind (2CD)

<p><strong>Skladby:</strong></p> <p><strong>CD1: Voicenotes (2018)</strong><br />1. The Way I Am<br />2. Attention<br />3. La Girls<br />4. How Long<br />5. Done for Me Feat Kehlani<br />6. Patient<br />7. If You Leave Me Now Feat Boyz II Men<br />8. Boy<br />9. Slow It Down<br />10. Change Feat James Taylor<br />11. Somebody Told Me<br />12. Empty Cups<br />13. Through It All...

He is coming soon - Sergej Miháľ

Christ’s second coming will have two phases. The first will be when He descends upon the clouds to take all who love Him to heaven. The second will take place when He comes down to earth, on the Mount of Olives, to rule the world. The first will have no witnesses; the second will be witnessed by all. The first phase is called the rapture. So, what is the rapture? It is an event during which Christ will take all devoted Christians to the heavenly dwellings - just as He promised. This is a book ...