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History of the world in 1000 objects

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The V&A Sourcebook of Pattern and Ornament

The wealth of surface pattern and three-dimensional ornamentation in the many objects that enrich our lives is testament to the inventiveness of designers and craftspeople around the globe and throughout history. This richly illustrated, easy-to-navigate sourcebook presents more than 1,000 historic and contemporary examples of pattern and ornamentation from around the world, each one succinctly identified and explained.

1000 Slovakian sights and monuments, 2. vydanie - Ján Lacika

By presenting a thousand remarkable sights created by Man and Nature, this attractive photographic book fittingly introduces and describes Slovakia, a land that indeed deserves attention for its uniquely beautiful landscape. The country has witnessed various landmarks of European history; moreover the geological development of our planet has also left its footprints here. Only a few countries in the world can boast so many various sights nestled in such a small area: rocks, Alpine peaks, forest...


c.1000 AD: Erik the Red's daughter heads south from Greenland 1492: Christopher Columbus does not discover America 1531: the Incas invade Europe Civilisations is the world as we don't know it: set at different points in history it links stories about characters in different places and times, all hungry to explore and to acquire power. Freydis is a woman warrior and leader of a band of Viking explorers setting out southwards.