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Heart and soul v a cd

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Specifikace položky RAY CHARLES   * Vydavatel: Warner Music * Interpret: CHARLES,RAY     * Typ média: CD       * Nosič: CD  Obsah titulu RAY CHARLES CD 1 * 01.   AIN'T THAT LOVE: * 02.   DROWN IN MY OWN TEARS: * 03.   COME BACK BABY: * 04.   SEINNER'S PRAYER: * 05.   FUNNY (BUT I STILL LOVE YOU): * 06.   LOSING HAND: * 07.   A FOOL FOR YOU: * 08.   HALLELUJAH I LOVE HER SO: * 09.   MESS AROUND: * 10.   THIS LITTLE GIRL OF MINE: * 11.   MARY ANN: * 12.   GREENB...

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The Adventure of Tom Sawyer + CD (A2) - Mark Twain

“Does a boy get a chance to whitewash a fence every day?” Meet Tom Sawyer, a boy with a good heart who’s always in trouble with everyone: at home, in school and in church. With his best friends, Joe, Ben and Huckleberry, Tom lives an exciting outdoor life. But he begins to grow up when pretty Becky Thatcher comes to town, and when something terrible happens in this quiet town near the Mississippi.„Má chlapec dostať šancu očistiť plot každý deň?“ Zoznámte sa s dobrosrdečným Tomom Sawyerom, ktorý...

The Picture of Dorian Gray + CD (B1) - Oscar Wilde

‘A good portrait is a portrait of the artist, not the sitter. I am afraid I show my soul in this painting.’ Dorian is visiting his friend, the kind and gentle painter Basil Hallward, when he meets Lord Henry Wotton. Entertaining and cynical, Lord Henry introduces Dorian to the idea of a world where the only value is beauty, and everything must serve this ideal. But how can Dorian survive ageing and ugliness? In front of his beautiful portrait, painted by Hallward, Dorian makes a terrible wish. ...

Gustav Brom Big Bend Legenda - Kolektív autorov

Toto CD obsahuje 15 piesní v podaní Heleny Vondráčkovej, Petra Lipu, Jitky Zelenkovej, Karla Černocha, Marcely Královej a Berca Balogha v doprovode stále existujúceho Big Bandu Gustava Broma pod taktovkou Vladimíra Valoviča, ako spomienka na túto džezovú legendu a osobnosť Gustava Broma. 01 RAT RACE 02 WHISPER NOT 03 NIGHT AND DAY 04 MOOD INDIGO 05 IT'S ONLY A PAPER MOON 06 FOR HEAVENS SAKE 07 NEW YORK CITY BLUES 08 SUMMER TIME 09 FLY ME TO THE MOON 10 I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO 11 IT DO...