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Boy With a Scar

Elektronická kniha Boy With a Scar:As a teenager, Matouss world was turned up side down when doctors diagnosed him with the very rare Wilsons disease. What followed was a merry-go-round of examinations and worries on the road to recovery. In the end, Matous concluded that, instead of a tragedy, he was lucky that Wilsons disease attacked his liver. He was lucky because he was the beneficiary of a successful liver transplantation; and he was lucky because he learned so much about life and grow...

Quick, Easy and Healthy Recipes for busy Moms and Dads

E-kniha Quick, Easy and Healthy Recipes for busy Moms and Dads:????? I read your book this morning. Just wanted to let you know, that I found your approach and recipes very helpful. I already picked some so I already started in the kitchen and without any hassle. — Miranda, Idaho ????? I’m a single mom and I want to cook healthy but also quickly. These recipes are just awesome. I especially loved the blueberry cake. My kids now call me „speedy“ in the kitchen :-). — Ilka, Norway ????? Thank ...