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Gembird patch kabel utp 1 5m

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Gembird Patch Cord Cat.5e UTP 0.25m. Dĺžka kábla: 0,25 meter, Štandardný kábel: Cat5e, Konektor 1: RJ-45

Roline STP Patch kábel 0.5m cat.5e

F/UTP - kábel tienený fóliou – všetky páry naraz Connection cable for structured building cabling Impedance: 100 W Prepared cable with screened RJ-45 plug on both ends (without coding) incl. kink protection Contact settings 1: 1 in accordance with EIA / TIA568 Construction: Internal line 8 wires copper wire Complete screening aluminium laminated foil with additional copper braid