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Evolution the story of life on earth

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The Story of More

\"Hope Jahren is the voice that science has been waiting for.\" --Nature \"A superb account of the deadly struggle between humanity and what may prove the only life-bearing planet within ten light years, written in a brilliantly sardonic and conversational style.\" --E. O. Wilson \"Hope Jahren asks the central question of our time: how can we learn to live on a finite planet? The Story of More is thoughtful, informative, and--above all--essential.\" --Elizabeth Kolbert, author of The Sixth Exti...

The Evolution Myth

Elektronická kniha The Evolution Myth:The origins of life, species, and man continue to interest scientists and stir debate among the general public more than one hundred and fifty years after Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species. The Evolution Myth approaches the subject with two intertwined objectives. Jiří A. Mejsnar first sets out to convey the advances made in cosmology, molecular biology, genetics, and other sciences that have enabled us to change our views on our origins ...