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Endless wire who the

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Urban Classics Barbed Wire Necklace silver - One Size

Those who feel more comfortable with distance around them, find with this original necklace a must-have accessory. Its shape is clearly reminiscent of barbed wire, with all elements lying comfortably on the skin. The necklace is made of a zinc alloy and goes particularly well with dark outfits. Farba: silver Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 100% Zinklegierung, ,

The History of the Musical (EN)

TOP cena! 9,00 EUR/227 Kč (11,00 EUR/277 Kč)A major production for Naxos AudioBooks and a unique Audiobook, this bold and entertaining undertaking traces the musical from its origins in classical music (Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera, Offenbach’s operettas and Gilbert and Sullivan) through to its flowering in America; Showboat, Anything Goes, High Society, Guys and Dolls, Oklahoma, West Side Story, The Sound of Music, Oliver, Cabaret, A Little Night Music, The Rocky Horror Show, The Phantom of the Op...

Peter Pan (EN)

JUNIOR CLASSICS I’m youth, I’m joy… I’m a little bird that has broken out of the egg.’ The story of the little boy who refused to grow up has captured the imagination of generations of children (and the adults they grew into) since its publication in 1904.Peter Pan flies in through the bedroom window one night and teaches Wendy, John and Michael to fly. He lures them away from their home and parents and takes them away to endless adventures in the magical Neverland, where they meet the wicked c...