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Chicane love on the run

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Love (Szerelem) - DVD

Makk's haunting, atmospheric and beautifully performed film, brilliantly shot by Janos Toth, captures exactly the fear and uncertainty of the time. It is, above all, a treatise on how such times affect fidelity, faith, illusion, love.

I Wish I Knew This Earlier : Lessons on Love - Toni Tone

I Wish I Knew This Earlier : Lessons on Love - Toni Tone, Vydavateľ: HarperCollins, Väzba: Paperback, Rok vydania: 2022, Počet strán: 160 We've all been on promising dates that left us feeling worse in the long run, suffered from breakups we might have mishandled, or stayed in relationships which should have worked but didn't. So what are we missing?Don't panic! Toni Tone is here to give the big sister advice we all need: discovering what we want from a connection, flourishing through heartbrea...

Reebok Run Hero Jkt Jacket

Reebok Run Hero Jkt jacket. Women's sports jacket from Reebok brand in black version. Made of a very pleasant, elastic and comfortable material that you will love. It is characterized by high-quality workmanship and a snug fit, thanks to which the jacket perfectly adapts to your movements. Affixed with the brand logo. Zip Fastening at full length and reflective stripe on sleeve. Ideal for all sporting activities. Material: 100% Polyester.

Another Way (Egymasra nezve) - DVD

The clash of sexuality and politics provide the basis for this tragic love story set in Hungary, 1958. In the offices of magazine The Truth, two female journalists tentatively embark on a clandestine, highly-charged affair, knowing that they face the wrath of the Stalinist regime if discovered.

Someday My Prince Will Come / Philip and His Seven Wives - DVD

Our third volume of films by the renowned British documentary filmmaker Marc Isaacs brings together two films chronicling very different perspectives on the nature of love, respect and devotion. Set in an isolated coastal village, Someday My Prince Will Come (2005) is narrated in rhyming couplets by 11-yearold Laura-Anne as she embarks on a quest to find her ‘prince’.