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White Noise

An extraordinarily funny book on a serious subject, effortlessly combining social comedy, disaster, fiction andphilosophy . . . hilariously, and grimly, successful’ Daily Telegraph First published in 1985, White Noise won the National Book Award. It is now regarded as a classic of postmodern literature.

Reading Bohemia. Readership in the Czech Republic at the beginning of the 21th c

The book is based on a presentation of the main data from three statistical representative readership surveys conducted by the Institute of the Czech Literature (the Czech Academy of Sciences) and the National Library of the Czech Republic in 2007, 2010, and 2013. Czech readership culture is here monitored against a background of relevant information on the Czech Republic as a whole (e.g. demography, culture, education and the economy).

The History of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Pictures - Vlasta Franc Martin, Mádlová

Based on period documents and photography, the book maps in detail the development of Czech non-university sciences from the 18th century when the Society of Unknown Scholars in the Austrian Lands was founded in Olomouc. The main attention is focused on the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and its most important precursors, whether the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, active in 1953–1992, or earlier institutions, such as the Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts (originally the Emperor F...

Aesthetics of Popular Culture - Jozef Kovalčik

Discussing popular culture is one of the keys for understanding arts and more broadly culture. This is something which seems to be shared by the scholars who have contributed to this book. Their essays on popular culture and/or the aesthetics of popular culture serve as a platform for discussing cultural, ethical and political issues. Popular culture and its philosophical reflection also help to unlock themes in law, children’s literature, everyday aesthetics, high-cultural heritage, the intern...