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A little book of the green man

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The Fairy Tale Book (EN)

The Fairy Tale Book je výber známych i menej známych rozprávok od bratov Grimmovcov, H. Ch. Andersena, F.A. Steel a G.H. Putnama.Obsah:The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen Rapunzel by Brothers Grimm The Little Gingerbread Man by George HavenPutnam The Frog Prince by Brothers Grimm The Story of the Three Bears by Flora Annie Steel Little Snow White by Brothers Grimm

Bratislava - Ján Lacika

Bratislava is at once hilly and flat; old and young; historical and modern; big, and yet small; metropolitan and provincial; lively and tranquil. It is a city of many, often contradictory, appearances. The slogan “Little Big City” describes it perfectly; it is as dynamic and busy as capitals tend to be, but also quiet, provincial and relaxed. While the size of Bratislava is comparable to Vienna, a big portion of its area is covered with the forests of the Small Carpathians and the Danube Lowla...